Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally a workout

I actually made it outside yesterday evening to do the first couch to 5k run. It was much easier than when I did it last summer. Maybe I didn't lose so much condition. Today I need to take the dogs for a walk but I also hope to make cycle class tonight. I was going to the gym last night but it was packed with all the new year's resolution members. I hope it doesn't stay this full. I think I've got a little plantar fasciitis. My left heel has been sore.

Peter is sick again. I'm sequestered in the bed room trying to avoid his germs. He has taken over that space. I'm getting a lot done not watching tv.

Maggie's wrist not broken and feeling better.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Maggie ends the old year badly

Yesterday we had good friends over to ride. There were four riders and four horses. Even Fiera got ridden. My friend's daughter is a skilled rider and had a blast on Liberty. I rode Olympus and Maggie rode Dixie. My friend, who is fairly inexperienced followed us around on Fiera. All was well. All had a good time. At the end Maggie decided to ride Fiera for awhile. Fiera was doing well so Maggie asked her to canter, which turned out to be an error in judgement. The bucking for ended in a broken wrist. We spent the afternoon in the care now. She has a splint and we'll call the orthopedist on Monday, though I'm not sure that the doctors are working Monday. We want her to have a cast as she has a competition in a few weeks that she doesn't want to miss. She will heal fast. But it's hard to watch her hurt.

I'm trying to decide between the old and new. I have been riding Olympus more planning to compete him this year. I did that because maggie was going to ride Liberty all year but now she's gone back to Dixie. Yesterday, after popping on Liberty I remembered how good it felt to ride my trained horse. He will side pass, back and do all the obstacle things as I have trained him. He also can be an excited nut and scream and call and just generally make me crazy. Olympus knows nothing of obstacles. He will barely stand over a log much less side pass them. But he is pretty calm with everyone running around him. He showed me this week that he is still concerned about some terrain situations. He won't walk down gullies easily. He's still pretty scared of stuff. I want to compete this horse but I wonder if I take him NOW if I'm going to blow his mind. OTOH I don't know any way to teach him better than to take him out and just do it. I wonder if he will learn bad things if our partnership isn't complete. He's not tough as nails like Liberty. If I don't ride him this year, I will next. I just can't make up my mind. I thought I had but then i realized that the way Liberty was do good at home isn't how he is away from home. And conversely Oly is really good under pressure, at least at the moment. Plus he's darn comfortable to ride. I think I have decided to stay in cp either way, either horse. I just don't think I want to ride as far and fast either way. I guess if I stay in cp I can trade out horses on a whim since I have no long reaching goals for myself this year and I can collect horsemanship points. See even after writing it down I can't decide.

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