Monday, May 20, 2013

Great weekend camping

Maggie and I went to Decatur last weekend for a TTC competition and had a great time. It was run by the Cross Timbers Equestrian Trail riding club that maintains trails in North Texas.  Fiera is starting to come along in her riding. This was the first time I wasn't nervous when we headed out and I felt like I could control her pace and stop her and do whatever needed doing. Our obstacles were a little better than last time...Our score was a 62 this time, up from 52.5 the ride before, so I can't complain overall. We still aren't sidepassing straight or all the time...and gate opening is about non-existent, though we did practice that a little on Sunday. 

Maggie had a great weekend. Her horse Dixie and her placed 3rd in a tough Horseman class (beating her mother by several placings). She also did well in the in hand competition the next day...I think she is questioning giving up Dixie for a new pony at this point. They looked like a real team this weekend.  Fiera also did well in hand. I figure she should. What else do you get when you raise a baby you can't ride for several years.

Speaking of which...Fiera turned 5 on Saturday. she's a big girl now.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Juicing and Fiera

I realized my blog was getting cold and needed a post, even if it was quick. 

I'm juicing now in an effort to lose weight and it's working well. I have shifted to eating and drinking  mostly fruits and vegetables and making meat secondary. I like juicing so much more than eating all those vegetables but as my system clears out vegetables are so much more appealing. More on that later. 

Fiera is doing great. I'm riding her several times per week. I'm on the great saddle hint right now.