Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Liberty versus Olympus

So far Liberty is losing the battle. The other day I was riding him and he shied at nothing and I fell off. I'm so tired of falling off that horse. I don't fear falling off of him b/c I have never been hurt and I don't worry about it happening either...maybe that's why it happens so often. I may need to start actually thinking about the possibility that I will fall off. When Liberty is on, he's on. But when he's squirrely...watch out. 

Olympus is scared of everything, but he stops, hesitates, looks and we negotiate.  I will see how this relationship develops, but right now, I'll take Oly over Liberty in the trustworthiness department.

However, Liberty loves to swim and play in the water and Oly so far hasn't decided that the water is a good place. I figure I'll save that for a hot summer day and a safe watering hole.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Help for a soldier

I'm posting this for a friend whose daughter is being deployed to Afghanistan. My friend's name is Claudia and her daughter is Heather.  If anyone wants to send support, please contact me for contact info.

I just heard from Bunny (Heather). She is settled in her base in Afghanistan and all is well. Her address is:
PFC Gaughan(Pitts), Heather
F CO 2-27 IN
FOB Bostick
APO AE 09310

She will let us know what she and her battle buddies will need. Apparently items such as shampoo and bar soap are greatly needed.
Sprite (Claudia Gaughan)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Going to try some new marketing

Alice Yovich
Betterist in:

Friday, April 8, 2011

A day with my daughter

Maggie and I had the most glorious day today. We got up and had breakfast at cracker barrel with Laura and Allyson.  Then we got our haircuts, and now we look fantastic!  I'm thinking of growing my hair out a bit, but I haven't decided for sure as now that I have a good cut from Laura (at Moda Salon in Ft. Worth) We loved the part of town that the new salon is in. It's where there are apartments overhead. I would love to live in a loft like that!

Then we came home so I could eat lunch at home (trying to watch money and calories) and watched some TV. Then we had to meet the hay man. We unrolled 10 bales of hay off the truck and rebuilt the fence so that the hay was protected from the horses. in the process, we opened up part of the fence that I had previously kept cordoned off so that the horses will have more shade when it gets hot. I also tried to put Fiera in the round pen to keep her safe, but eventually turned her out b/c I felt like she might try to jump out. I'm going to work on that later, but I'm afraid she will hurt herself if I leave her in the round pen. She has jumped out of it before when it was an arena.

Then we came home and ate some pork that I had prepared in the crockpot, which was yummy and then we've hung out and watched TV. So, it was just a lovely day.

One funny today...Laura, our stylist, told Maggie that she thought she should keep her hair red. So, we're going to do it again tomorrow. She told us how to just do the roots so she doesn't get too many layers of color on her hair.