Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little dog lost

Well we have lost our sweet stray dog the same way we found him. The door blew open today and he ran out with the other dogs. Peter didn't realize that he had gone or that the door was open. Bonnie and Frankie came straight back or rather he found them down the street but no sign of Baby Thor. I am heartbroken. I had planned to take him to have him read for a possible microchip tomorrow and had looked forward to putting him back with his family. Or I'd looked forward to just letting him stay if I couldn't find the owner. But the thought of him on the streets in the cold is distressing to me. He was such a sweetie. We all liked him. I just have to pray he found his way back home but I'm sure going to miss his sweet puppy breath.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Covered up in dogs

We have a little stray dog who found us on rainy Monday. No. I'm not going to keep him. I don't care how cute he is or how good he is. I would have to find a home for Frankie (or Peter for that matter) if I kept the dog. But for the record he is cute cute cute. He's housebroken and neutered and he even gets along with Frankie and doesn't chase cats. He plays ball and at the moment he answers to the name of Baby Thor. Why Baby Thor? Well it started with Maggie calling him Odin even though he was more of a Loki. Then we migrated to Thor. But a recent episode of the TV show psych called someone Baby Thor and I just thought it was cute. Mostly he comes anytime I say come here so I'm not sure his name really matters. Plus he's not going to live here past Monday anyway. Maggie and I have been working to find his people. I will have him checked for a microchip at the vet Monday and if he isn't anyone's and I can't get my friend Susan Hays in Missouri to take him (she needs a dog!) the little old lady down the street with a bunch of dogs says she'll take him. In the meantime all four dogs are curled around me making me awfully warm.

Peter and maggie left for Eureka Springs with his parents this morning Originally I was to go as well but I had to work today (12 patients and documentation in 10 hours of work--documentation not quite done) and I have to work Friday. I'm actually enjoying the being home alone. I used to get lots of alone time at home but not so much anymore. I'm going to Olenjack's grille for buffet tomorrow and Shawn is joining me. He has to work also but is picking up Howie (he misses him) and we'll share a meal. I think I'll ride too unless Olympus is too gimpy from his wreck in Sunday. (short version he passed out and freaked out pulled back and fell down and is now gimpy)

I have the strange urge to clean and organize but I also have the urge to lay around. I want to know why I can't clean when other people are home. It seems that I'm bothered by the people sitting around not cleaning so I don't clean either. But when no one is here I will clean because I can get in my little zen cleaning world. I used to do little bits of cleaning home alone but now I'm never home alone.

Saturday I'm taking Olympus to a clinic with Harry Whitney. I can take him gimpy or not because the number 1 thing I want to work on is his bridling and head issues and I can do that even lame. Plus I want Harry and Shea to see if they can spot where he is limping before Monday's vet appointment. Peter and maggie come back on Saturday do I'm really on my own only one day.

I guess I'll sign off for now. Heading to bed for a night if sleep.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The weekend

I am going to riding in a little bit with maggie and another friend. It's cloudy and there is a 49% chance of rain so I'm hoping it will either start before we leave or hold off till we get back.

Went with a couple friends to see the new twilight movie yesterday. It was fun and the movie was pretty bad. I can't figure out why they thought they needed to split it in two parts. It could easily have been told in one.

I have been tired this weekend. I have enjoyed the opportunity to sit around.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Extreme frustration

I was down to 213 two weeks ago. I'm not sure why I lost those 5 pounds but I sure felt good and was really happy. Today I weighed in my original 218 that my body seems to love so much. I again have no idea why I gained because I have logged my food the whole time and have been eating right. I did take some time off from exercise but running around like crazy doing two jobs must count for something. So needless to say I'm annoyed. I now have to change my ticker back to only 4 pounds lost instead of nine. Grrrr.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last chance

Maggie sad tonight. She did not get the first place he needed to get 1st in horsemanship and she is pretty sad. I wish it wasn't so hard on her.

Alice Yovich
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life is crazy

Blogging has been kept to a minimum of late. I started a new job with hospice in Fort Worth. I'm also still seeing my DSSW patient. Life is been kind of crazy.

I love my new job! At the moment, I'm in Denton, what are you still live when I was in grad school. I just dropped off my old house, and unfortunately it's a bit run down with the years. Today I supervise my first music therapy student ever. I hope that I do a good job.

Because I have been so busy, I am dictating using Dragon dictation. I'm trying to transfer you to make sure I haven't made any strange errors, but sometimes the programs that strange thing. So if one doesn't make sense, take into account the iPhone's interpretation of my voice.

Today will be crazy, I have many people to see in Denton Louisville in flower mound before the end of the day. I hope I'm able to get everything done. I'm looking forward to an exciting few weeks while I fill in for friend you taking some time off.

This weekend maybe I will travel to Oklahoma Talay call Blackwell. It can be a crazy day tomorrow, with me working all day and in meetings from Decatur at about six o'clock tomorrow evening. We won't arrive in Stillwater until about midnight. But it's worth it! Maggie and only four point 5 1st Pl. but I would give her the opportunity to try.

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so be excuse and be amused by typing errors.