Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Riding today and future decisions

Well, after riding Olympus today, I want to go back to Liberty. I'm sure this is just because I know Liberty. When he does whatever he does, I know what it is he's going to do so I can expect it and be prepared. It's scary riding a new horse, even if it is a well trained, beautifully gaited, comfortable horse.  Today Olympus took the bridle great (I took it apart, and did not put the browband over his ears) I then put the browband over one ear, but not the other. he did great for most of the ride, but then the bridle began to slip further and further back on his neck and then the browband touched the hair on the inside of his ear.  Then he shook his head, causing the browband to slip back even further. He began to shake his head and longe a funny way trying to get away from the thing on his ear (or the bit...it is time to do his teeth, so I'm not ruling anything out)  It became a vicious cycle which stopped only after I put the reins on his halter and put the bridle away.  Then, with no bit, his normal head carriage was gone (miss that!) and he was a lot faster (hmmm, could be good, could be bad b/c I'm real attached to his pokey little trot and canter) and he still shook his head around.  But he did not take off after Rascal when Rascal took off, which was way cool, he did trot out more steadily once he adjusted and he did not have any trouble stopping, so it may just be an adjustment on my part. He's not in great shape and he tends to protest about being ridden when he gets tired. Olympus is not made from the strong "nights who say ni" stuff that Liberty is made from. He's more the wimpy tight to complain about "everything".  I was feeling bad about how much I had to get on and off (suddenly, he could not traverse several ravines and ditches and had to be led down) and I was worried that he wouldn't do water either. But then Susan, wanting to catch up to Alanna, let her horse canter and he really went off super charged...and I was reminded why Olympus is such a nice boy. He just sort of watched, but never sped up. Good boy Olympus. I was also reminded that i have really only had this horse on the trails about 11-13 times in all, so really, he's fantastic! I think he's just now starting to figure out what he can get out of.  The new halter bridle will arrive soon and that will help.

When I brought him back, Liberty came to visit me. I hugged my boy tight and smelled him and I was instantly reminded why I love my main squeeze...and reminded that I haven't been on him since October and how much I miss him. With Liberty I know what will go wrong potentially. I know he's a wreck on the trail on his own. I know he's a loud mouth at the P&R. I know that he's afraid of birds and that he always spooks left and if I can hang on he won't dump me. I also remember why he's harder to ride in some ways (way more narrow...I can't stick as well) but also how he thinks so much of himself and is just such a blast. i"m wondering what to do. I rode Olympus at six O b/c Maggie was going to compete Liberty...but now of course, she's not (never mind the conversations about not changing her mind). She's going back to Dixie. So I find myself wondering if I should go back to Liberty...and if I go back to Liberty do I just do the CP thing or do I go back to Open even though it means Maggie and I have to work things out logistically.  Do I ride Liberty in LA and then see who I had the most fun with?  Do I need to care about getting points this year and trying for a year end award (which negates caring which horse I ride more often) Do I try for a national championship knowing I'll be up against Jonni's horse, Hank, Alanna and Rascal, and Tory and Bam...I hadn't thought about that this year at all b/c I really thought that I was going to be working a lot more hours. The idea of riding so far after working 45-50 hours wasn't at all appealing...

which leads me to the next bit.

I found out today that my friend I have been filling in for will be back next week. I asked the Executive director if that meant I should plan only to work through next week, but I haven't heard anything yet. I did mention again that I really liked my job and would be happy to stay on resource for as many hours as they could/would give me. I knew this was temporary, but I don't think I expected to be this fulfilled by the word.  Not just making more money (though that has been nice) but just what it has done for me as a therapist. While I have been given to patients, and they seem to be happy with me, i have been receiving validation that I'm a good therapist. That I have always been a good therapist.  Before I kind of wondered if I was good at what I did. I wasn't sure b/c I didn't get a lot of feedback and validation, but now I'm sure that i am a good Music Therapist.  I know that I have grown over the last few years as a MT and that I'm able to work in areas I never really thought I'd be good at. I'm sure that i will go to some nursing homes, or maybe hospitals or wherever and begin a marketing campaign for more work for myself. I'm going to develop a brochure and I'm going to get more work (if the hospice can't keep me around for whatever reason). I have gone to DSSW and emailed them for more clients, but I honestly don't have a good feeling that more will be forthcoming. I have a friend who has more hours than she can handle and has cut back, so I know the hours are out there, but I don't think that I'm popular there right now. I want the work, but I have one person I have worked with there that just doesn't seem to like me and she doesn't think I do a good job. I have had a couple clients quit me that were hers in the last year and while I can see why I may have done something to be quit in one case, the other one was just ridiculous.  I'm not sure that she didn't actually cause my problem with both clients, she's just that hard to get along with. The people I have now are great. We seem to get along and the clients seem to like me, but I know that this can turn on a dime. I treat my work with DSSW way more seriously than I used to when maggie was in school. I treat it like I would an 8-5 job and I try not to take off...I learned the hard way that flexibility means that the client can change up their schedule all they want, but we'd better not change ours and that even though you have told a client for 2 months you're going to be gone an entire week, they may be still get made at you when you do take off...or when you change the schedule to see a client in advance of a coming snow storm this does not necessarily make you popular and the client may say that you change your schedule too much (even though they change theirs more) Anyway, enough of that...lets suffice to say, I want more work if it's not with hospice then I'm going to have to regroup and look for more.

Which brings me back to the horses: If I'm going to work less, I can't afford to go to so many rides but I won't be as tired and worried about getting back to work on Monday so I could ride open. If I work more, I'm tired and can't ride as much during the week and so CP is better. I'm not sure that I didn't like how much energy I had on Saturday when i came in. Olympus is easy to ride and I was relaxed and not exhausted and sore...of course, I only did one day since the ride got canceled.  It might be fun to ride Open heavyweight against all the really good horses and see how we stack up. We did OK last year, but we didn't really have the normal people to ride against, so it wasn't a true test. I'm sure I'll ride him open at the Arab championships in September...unless Maggie wants to do it.

I asked Peter if he had an opinion and he pretty much outlined what I already think. So, no answer there. I think I'm just going to have to see who gives me the most joy and go that route. I think that I don't mind going to slower and shorter and having more time to hang with my friends and play the guitar and sing in the afternoons...or give the occasional massage again which I have the energy to do if I'm not riding open (and could use the money for gas, lol) So I suspect I'll stay in CP, just have to decide on the horse. I need to get on Liberty and go riding. I miss him. We have fun together. Oly is sweet and I have fun with him too.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve pleasantries

I'm finally home. Today I got called into work for a few hours and I was bummed at first that I had to work because I was really looking forward to having a peaceful day at home.  But I was happy in the end that I had gone to be with the family.

Now we're watching the SyFy Christmas specials and drinking hot cider with spiced rum (yummy).  Peter made dinner for us tonight. It was a Shepherd's pie. Tasty!!!  Already watched haven and now working on  Eureka. I'm considering crochet...or Sim's. Not sure yet. The Eureka special is really, really funny, so hard to think about doing anything extra besides watching the shows. I think we'll watch White Christmas after this is over because Maggie will be with her dad tomorrow night, and it's a movie we watch every year. 

I have cinnamon roll dough started in the bread maker. Maggie loves my cinnamon rolls and I loved that my mom always made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning when I was a kid, so it's a nice tradition. Peter is cooking dinner tomorrow too. He's making prime rib and potatoes and asparagus. I'm making an appetizer of jalapenos wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cream cheese. He also made a pie called Joe's Ky pie...it's chocolate, pecans, sugar....kind of like a cookie in a pie shell. Looks good anyway. 

Shawn will pick Maggie up tomorrow night. We might go  see The War Horse, but Peter and I may stay home and let Maggie and Shawn go alone. I'm a little sad. I'm going riding Monday (my only day off) and I really wanted Maggie to go with me, but Shawn had taken the day off just to spend it with her. I'm sure I can find an adult to go riding with, but maggie and I have ridden together in a long time. We've been so busy! She has been getting to ride some, and I have been riding other times. We don't ride the same division now, so I can't ride with her at the rides. I miss my little buddy.  Next weekend I hope the weather is nice and we can go then!

Our Christmas tree has lots of presents under it. I don't know what to expect, but it will be fun. I'm sure we'll head to church at 11 as well. Maggie has been attending a church on Wednesday nights called Grace Baptist. I really like it. It's made me excited about church again.  Peter...well, not so much. It's Baptist and not really his thing, but he's going with us some too. maggie had made a nice group of friends there and it makes me happy to see her part of a group of nice kids.

Off to play with my sims...or crochet...or something.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crunch time

This week leading up to Christmas promises to be busy. I did most of my shopping online yesterday so I'm covered there. Tomorrow I will get a few things wrapped and in the mail but except for a few small things I'm done shopping. We have really pared down our gift giving and I think that's so much better. No crafting for me this year. I have been too busy working.

This week the boss from Chicago is in. He is going to ride with me on Tuesday. I'm both nervous and excited about it. I hope it's a good sign that he is observing me. My friend who I have been filling for will be returning soon but I really hope they keep me on in some capacity. Not just because I'm earning more money. Especially because I love the job.

Saturday wasn't a good horse day. I haven't been on a horse in 2 weeks and I'm missing it bad. I was going to ride on Saturday but we never got past the bridling. I have a new bridle on order from nancy mitts at Stablegear tack to solve one more problem. Maggie has decided that she won't ride Liberty the rest of the season. She just doesn't like him enough. So it's Liberty who will get a break since I'm going to stick with Olympus.

I really miss sewing. I hope I get to do some this winter but I suspect that free time is in a short supply temporarily. As I get more comfortable working the new job I'm sure I'll find free time. I hope to get back to the gym this week because I'm tired of not being physically active. Gotta start working through to get on a triathlon path again.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The worst day

This is a rant most likely you will read it and wonder what the big deal is i find myself thinking the same thing I dont know why today is worse than another day it just is I have just been having the worst day. My ipad calendar got stuck and froze. And I had clients to see and outlook had hijacked the calendar and I didn't know who I was supposed to see. It was a real mess. I finally had to delete and reinstall the calendar. Then I was late. Then the program I do documentation with stopped working (not my fault) so I didn't get to see my clients nor did I do documentation. Then there were admissions so I have to do their assessments before I leave town on Friday. Then there was the fact that I didn't sleep well last night. And maggie is home so I couldn't even have my meltdown in private. And she lost her literature book and her test (found the test). This all put me into a state of total tears and crying. My work of the last 6 weeks has caught up with me in a big way. I love the job and the money I'm earning. I want to keep this job forever. But to do so I have to do double duty four more weeks and I'm just tired.

So then I calmed down and we left the house to go feed. Then I realized I had to go to the bank and then I realized I was out of gas. Then I realized I didn't have time to go to feed and that I was now late for maggie to get to school and me to my hair appointment (only fun thing in my day) I'm feeling alone and stressed out.

So now I'm getting my hair done but I just keep crying and crying today. I can't turn off the faucet and it's embarrassing which makes me cry even harder. Just typing all this out makes me cry more.

I have patients to see after this. I have paperwork to do. I have to complete my ceu's ASAP or I won't have a certification. I'm still supposed to leave town Friday though I have taken steps to save myself from that. I want to go be with my friends and ride my horse. I just don't know how I'll get it all done.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little dog lost

Well we have lost our sweet stray dog the same way we found him. The door blew open today and he ran out with the other dogs. Peter didn't realize that he had gone or that the door was open. Bonnie and Frankie came straight back or rather he found them down the street but no sign of Baby Thor. I am heartbroken. I had planned to take him to have him read for a possible microchip tomorrow and had looked forward to putting him back with his family. Or I'd looked forward to just letting him stay if I couldn't find the owner. But the thought of him on the streets in the cold is distressing to me. He was such a sweetie. We all liked him. I just have to pray he found his way back home but I'm sure going to miss his sweet puppy breath.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Covered up in dogs

We have a little stray dog who found us on rainy Monday. No. I'm not going to keep him. I don't care how cute he is or how good he is. I would have to find a home for Frankie (or Peter for that matter) if I kept the dog. But for the record he is cute cute cute. He's housebroken and neutered and he even gets along with Frankie and doesn't chase cats. He plays ball and at the moment he answers to the name of Baby Thor. Why Baby Thor? Well it started with Maggie calling him Odin even though he was more of a Loki. Then we migrated to Thor. But a recent episode of the TV show psych called someone Baby Thor and I just thought it was cute. Mostly he comes anytime I say come here so I'm not sure his name really matters. Plus he's not going to live here past Monday anyway. Maggie and I have been working to find his people. I will have him checked for a microchip at the vet Monday and if he isn't anyone's and I can't get my friend Susan Hays in Missouri to take him (she needs a dog!) the little old lady down the street with a bunch of dogs says she'll take him. In the meantime all four dogs are curled around me making me awfully warm.

Peter and maggie left for Eureka Springs with his parents this morning Originally I was to go as well but I had to work today (12 patients and documentation in 10 hours of work--documentation not quite done) and I have to work Friday. I'm actually enjoying the being home alone. I used to get lots of alone time at home but not so much anymore. I'm going to Olenjack's grille for buffet tomorrow and Shawn is joining me. He has to work also but is picking up Howie (he misses him) and we'll share a meal. I think I'll ride too unless Olympus is too gimpy from his wreck in Sunday. (short version he passed out and freaked out pulled back and fell down and is now gimpy)

I have the strange urge to clean and organize but I also have the urge to lay around. I want to know why I can't clean when other people are home. It seems that I'm bothered by the people sitting around not cleaning so I don't clean either. But when no one is here I will clean because I can get in my little zen cleaning world. I used to do little bits of cleaning home alone but now I'm never home alone.

Saturday I'm taking Olympus to a clinic with Harry Whitney. I can take him gimpy or not because the number 1 thing I want to work on is his bridling and head issues and I can do that even lame. Plus I want Harry and Shea to see if they can spot where he is limping before Monday's vet appointment. Peter and maggie come back on Saturday do I'm really on my own only one day.

I guess I'll sign off for now. Heading to bed for a night if sleep.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The weekend

I am going to riding in a little bit with maggie and another friend. It's cloudy and there is a 49% chance of rain so I'm hoping it will either start before we leave or hold off till we get back.

Went with a couple friends to see the new twilight movie yesterday. It was fun and the movie was pretty bad. I can't figure out why they thought they needed to split it in two parts. It could easily have been told in one.

I have been tired this weekend. I have enjoyed the opportunity to sit around.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Extreme frustration

I was down to 213 two weeks ago. I'm not sure why I lost those 5 pounds but I sure felt good and was really happy. Today I weighed in my original 218 that my body seems to love so much. I again have no idea why I gained because I have logged my food the whole time and have been eating right. I did take some time off from exercise but running around like crazy doing two jobs must count for something. So needless to say I'm annoyed. I now have to change my ticker back to only 4 pounds lost instead of nine. Grrrr.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last chance

Maggie sad tonight. She did not get the first place he needed to get 1st in horsemanship and she is pretty sad. I wish it wasn't so hard on her.

Alice Yovich
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life is crazy

Blogging has been kept to a minimum of late. I started a new job with hospice in Fort Worth. I'm also still seeing my DSSW patient. Life is been kind of crazy.

I love my new job! At the moment, I'm in Denton, what are you still live when I was in grad school. I just dropped off my old house, and unfortunately it's a bit run down with the years. Today I supervise my first music therapy student ever. I hope that I do a good job.

Because I have been so busy, I am dictating using Dragon dictation. I'm trying to transfer you to make sure I haven't made any strange errors, but sometimes the programs that strange thing. So if one doesn't make sense, take into account the iPhone's interpretation of my voice.

Today will be crazy, I have many people to see in Denton Louisville in flower mound before the end of the day. I hope I'm able to get everything done. I'm looking forward to an exciting few weeks while I fill in for friend you taking some time off.

This weekend maybe I will travel to Oklahoma Talay call Blackwell. It can be a crazy day tomorrow, with me working all day and in meetings from Decatur at about six o'clock tomorrow evening. We won't arrive in Stillwater until about midnight. But it's worth it! Maggie and only four point 5 1st Pl. but I would give her the opportunity to try.

Alice Yovich
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so be excuse and be amused by typing errors.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Music month

> A nice announcement from the governor, and possibly something some Texas MT's could capitalize on…
> Texas is world-renowned for its eclectic music scene. Marked by the contributions of musical legends such as Buddy Holly, "Blind" Lemon Jefferson, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top and Selena, Texans have made an incalculable contribution to music. That is why we say, "You can't hear American music without hearing Texas."
> The Lone Star State has long enjoyed a wealth of great musical artists. With its phenomenal growth during the last two decades, Texas' music industry competes internationally to attract songwriters, performers and industry professionals. With nearly 8,000 regularly performing Texas bands and ensembles, the music business is a vibrant and important sector of our economy, providing jobs as well as entertainment for this great state. Our music industry also sparks tourism, as visitors from across the country travel to Texas for festivals such as South by Southwest.
> To highlight the importance of the Texas music industry and recognize the accomplishments of our many great musicians, an appreciation campaign is being conducted during the month of October.
> At this time, I encourage all Texans to recognize the many contributions of the music industry and those who create great music in our state.
> Therefore, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim October 2011 to be
> Texas Music Month
> in Texas, and urge the appropriate
> recognition whereof.
> In official recognition whereof,
> I hereby affix my signature this the
> 11th day of September, 2011.
> Governor of Texas
> http://governor.state.tx.us/music/files/directory/texas-music-month.pdf
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Saturday activities

I have been meaning to write this since Saturday and I keep getting bogged down with emotional breakdowns and pre-ride stress...so here goes.

I think that Maggie's horse, Dixie, may be one of the most underrated NATRC horses ever. She's not built that well, but Maggie adores her. She can be a bit stubborn and her maneuverability is a little tricky...she gets stuck a lot. Not anyone can ride her. While she's incredibly safe and trustworthy, she's also very forward and sometimes will demonstrate her displeasure at someone inexperienced hopping on by going faster than they prefer. She's honest, so she never bucks or does anything nasty, but if you aren't watching out you'll be back at the gate before you know it.  What I love about riding Dixie, and having Maggie ride Dixie is that she is so incredibly steady.  With the exception of spooking at the occasional cut log (which is mostly signified by stopping) she will keep chugging in her own rhythm, for a long, long time.  She is pretty fast at the trot and i don't much like her canter (but that's OK b/c she's not my horse) and she would rather rather trot anyway. Saturday, maggie and I swapped horses for awhile (she rode Liberty) and I was blown away by how steady she is in her natural rhythm. The problem is that she's a little fast for her own good and can blow her own P&R's by rating difficulty...but when you rate her, sometimes she's tense and her back is sore, so I wonder if she's not better off just chugging along. Her nice, easy, comfortable trot is Liberty's canter. He used to trot big too, but one day discovered it was easier to do a slow slop and so now that's what he does, but Dixie just trots and trots.  Maggie is going to try open on her again next year. She was successful in two rides in 2010, but over the summer Dixie didn't sweat and then she wasn't ridden b/c she wasn't sweating so the fall rides didn't go so well for her...but next year will be different as we've found a  way to manage her issues through dietary changes. 

In other news, Joe Bear went to a new home Saturday. Right now, it's just a trial to see if they get along. He will be a child's pony and keep an old thoroughbred company while his Percheron cross counterpoint is showing in dressage.  They tell me he's settling in great and they have a way for him to be able to eat more than I could manage. We'll know in a couple weeks if it's going to work out or not. Watching him run around their pasture, it was hard to believe that he is an old man of at least 36.  He acted more like 15 or younger.  It was hard when he chased us down the driveway after the trailer, but I know that he will be happy and get tons of attention.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

addendum on yesterday's post

I was thinking more about my subject yesterday and I think why I am bothered so much is that people lie.  I try to be honest and straight forward. I won't call in sick if I'm not sick. If I need a day off, I generally just say so and try to reschedule.  I find myself so frustrated with the incongruity of my clients.  They don't tell me there is ever anything wrong, so I never have a chance to fix it.  Like last spring with that one client. I really thought we all got along great, so it was a real blow to my pocket book (two hours per week) and my emotions to find out that they didn't like the way I was scheduling them. I never even had a chance to fix it. Then recently the program manager asked if I could come back on with the understanding we'd have to have a set day and time and they refused. Their reasons were that I was too talkative (which I know was a problem at first, but swear I fixed) and the scheduling issue...which is also fixed by warrant of the fact that I am taking my schedule more seriously than I used to a year ago...and I'm so busy I don't have time to rearrange anything, so I try to never have to change things up if possible.  I'm starting to believe that their discontinuation of the service had very little to do with me, and more to do with their own lives. This client was involved in PT, OT, horse and aqua therapy.  So, they were super busy. They frequently canceled on me...yet when they had something to say to my "boss" it was all my fault. I just find it so depressing. yes, I have to move forward and yes, I am good at lots of things, but working for other people doesn't seem to be one of them.  This scares me for the future. I want to work with and play nice with others. I want to figure out why I am such a target for mistreatment. It almost seems sport for those who don't like me to beat me up...and yes, that makes me sound really paranoid.  Anyway, blogging about it does help kind of get it off my chest. I know that these things are in the past, but I'm still stinging from the weight of my past mistakes.  I would like to think that showing up every week counts for something, but evidently the small things that I do wrong count for more. Wouldn't it be nice just to be perfect?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crisis of Spirit

I have never been a highly popular person. I'm someone who is loved by the friends I have (and I love them back) and I'm considered friendly in new meeting situations. Whether or not new acquaintances become friends is questionable though it is is known that I get along and know a fair number of people, even if many fall into the acquaintance category. The main problem is that I talk too much. I always have. I'd like to think I won't forever but I probably will. My good friends just know that's who I am. Sometimes in work settings it has been a problem but most of my clients just know that's me and since we like each other it's no big deal. Sometimes even through my greatest efforts to be what I consider quiet, it's not enough. This has not been a complaint in awhile but it haunts me even when no one is complaining. Sometimes people want a quiet massage and sometimes people talk. I try to follow the lead of my client so that I do the right thing. Sometimes the client talks and their parents want a quiet massage and that's where it gets tricky for me. Quiet I can do and talk I can do but staying quiet when they are talking is hard. I get sucked into the conversation. This all came up the other day when I lost the client for texting. Whenever something like this happens i find myself questioning all behavior. Was I answering a call or text when someone thought I shouldn't have been? Or did I talk too much? Did I change schedule too often? The whole reason I'm self employed is to be able to change up my schedule but that one always seems to bite me. Then after I fret awhile and nothing else bad happens I'll feel ok but I always find myself feeling like the next shoe will drop. I want to know why some clients are so hard to please? And why I find myself displeasing people I thought I had good rapport with? And further I wonder why people feel the need to blame the therapist when they decide to drop a service when it wasn't really her fault? For example: last winter I got dropped from a client because they said I changed my schedule too much. This was after they cancelled me to weeks at Christmas and I missed a week because of snow and ice. I asked to change the next week's schedule to see her before the next storm hit. Then there was the week two weeksblater that I took off which I had been telling them was going to happen since December. So I got dropped from them and I had thought we were all good. I always ask if I need to make a change. I don't just tell them I'm changing. So I find my work frustrating and my self confidence is often damaged. I feel 'wrong' a lot of the time. I wish that I didn't dread getting in trouble all the time. It's very stressful and it always hits me hard.

So I have complained about being dropped. I need to state, for all my client's parents who read my blog and are my friends on Facebook none of these stories are you! I love all my people and like to please them. I think the biggest source of stress is thinking things are good and finding out they weren't too late to fix it. And it seems like they are all clients belonging to one program manager, which continues to make me look bad and costs me more clients.

Friday, September 30, 2011


I'm on a slippery slope. I have not worked out all week. I haven't ridden and I have only walked once. I miss it. I am cranky without it but I have issues getting up in the dark to go to the gym. I think it was easier this summer because it was light. So after the time changes I should be better off. My work has been in the way and this last week was just crazy. I'm hoping to hit cycle class today but don't know if I'll make it or not. I have to exercise in the mornings. I could probably do afternoons too if i had time I'm so tired at night that I have a hard time forcing myself to the gym.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One of those days

Today was just a bad day all the way around.  I got in trouble for something early in the day and it colored my whole day.  I was caught using my cell phone during a massage session.  Honestly, couldn't say when I did it. I play music for the clients during their massages from my phone and I don't know if the mom saw me flipping through music or actually texting, (which I do occasionally when someone texts me and it seems important) but I don't sit in a massage with anyone and text or email with both hands or more than sporadically.  So, anyway, I did it and I got caught and I lost the client. which makes me really sad b/c I liked that client and it wasn't a regular thing to text at her house, so it's kind of weird that I got caught.  It ruined my whole day. The program manager brought up how I lost clients last year b/c i was talking too much...of course, that hasn't been a problem since I've been playing music for the clients with my phone b/c we all have something to listen to. I love giving massages, but sometimes, it's slow and boring for the therapist.  I try so hard to only chat with the clients who talk to me and often I find out that the parents or the clients think I talked too much, even when I've made an extreme effort to zip my lips. I just don't know how to be silent I guess. I find myself hoping that the doctor will say I have ADD and whatever magic pill they give me for ADD will just silence my brain and alleviate my need to be stimulated.  It would be so nice to just have a quiet brain that doesn't need to be fed information.  I asked the PM if anyone was complaining about me talking now, b/c I've really been working so hard not to talk to them even if they talk to me, and she said no, that no one had complained...but now I got busted for a random texting/emailing phone event. I even asked if it was possible that the mom saw me flipping through music for her daughter b/c until a few weeks ago, I didn't even bring my phone into their house. I never thought I'd get "fired" from a client for using my phone. I figured that the worse thing that would happen is someone would say "hey, don't do that". I feel like a dope...

Then from there the day just went to heck. I was late everywhere I went, though I did get a really nice haircut.  I also found out that a client I thought I was going to lose in a week is on for another month, so that's a good thing.

The agency I work for has experienced cuts to their specialized therapies so my schedule was going to reduce from 15 hours down to 13 hours anyway, but now it's going down to 12 and then 11...not enough. emotionally it's enough to keep me full up, but fiscally, i need more, steady income.  The great part is that i have some other contracts that have really pulled through and I'm continuing to cultivate more new contracts all the time, so that my eggs aren't all in one basket.

Today is my mom's birthday.  She sounded happy when I called her. I wish I could be there for her birthday dinner with my brother tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lunch ideas

I need to figure out a healthier lunch option when I'm driving. I start with good intentions and end up eating fast food. I'm not anbig sandwich eater nor am I a huge salad eater. I need to come up with something I can take in the far or buy while I'm out that's going to be healthy. I don't have a microwave usually so it needs to taste good cold. I have been thinking that I need to find myself some places to eat that aren't fast food and/or I need to find a park or shady place so I can have a real lunch. I'm thinking that driving down the road eating isn't the best option for my overall diet. Medifast sure made this easier. 

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 so be excuse and be amused by typing errors. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tracking apps

I used my footsteps app today when I did my 15 minute run/walk. I think I like it better than run keeper. Run keeper never says I'm going as fast as my footsteps app, and it doesn't seem to switch my speed from walk to run when I'm mixing it up. It also doesn't say I'm going as fast as I know I am when I'm running, clocking me under 4mph when I'm jogging. That doesn't seem right. Of course, I don't know that run keeper isn't right, but the footsteps pedometer app logs me more like the couch to 5K mileage I see on the treadmill, so I tend to think it's right. 

So, what apps are good for logging miles and speed? I like the idea of run keeper, but I didn't find it accurate. I like my footsteps b/c it logs my calories similar to what my fitness pal does.

Speaking of my fitness pal. I found a new app called Lose it that goes with a book by the same name. It gives me more calories and works along the lines of the BMR calculator that I learned about from listening to fat2fit radio. I'm pretty impressed so far with the idea that you shouldn't "diet" but should eat like the thin person you want to become. I have started losing again and I'm not working so hard. It's coming off more slowly, but that's OK.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Add testing

Today, I went in for testing for ADD. It has been suggested to me by several friends and loved ones at this might perhaps be one of my many problems. LOL. I personally do not think that I have ADD. I am very good at juggling many balls. I do an outstanding job of remembering named. I am good managing things and meeting deadlines. I do not have a messy office, nor do I procrastinate. However, many of my friend's have suggested it, So I decided to be tested.

Testing was very simple. I had to do a series of puzzles , answer questions. The psychiatrist asked me familiar facts , math problems, and I had to do a personality and psychiatric disorder inventory. I found a psychiatric inventory particularly interesting. I was given a series of statements that I either had to say yes or no to. Many of the questions were phrased in the negative and made it very difficult to answer properly. For example, one of the statements was do you feel about many people talking about you behind your back? Or rather I feel like many people talk about me behind my back? Or maybe it was many people talk about me behind my back and laugh at me. Anyway, I understand the point of the question was to measure my paranoia about people are talking about me behind my back. How am i supposed to answer that question? Do I answer yes b/c people do talk about me behind my back or no so i dont look paranoid. What if there are people talking behind my back? Is it ok to admit it bothers me? There were also many questions about my drug alcohol use. I have a little Alcohol use and no drug use so I found the questions particularly amusing.

I return to the doctor in two weeks to get the results. I need to treated he might be.

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so be excuse and be amused by typing errors.

I almost left the above post just like it Was with the amusing typos but decided not to. I attempted to blog through dragon dictation and was not successful

I'm curious of the test results. Many of the puzzle problems were hard as were the math. I had to sequence numbers forward, backward and in greatest to largest. I think I was better at organizing the numbers smallest to largest than either of the sequences. On the the sequencing when it got over 5 numbers I couldn't remember the ones in the middle.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Great ctr

I have spent a lot of time the last week reading the posts of The Bloggess. She is hilarious and I find myself wishing I had a tiny bit of her story telling ability. But, alas, I do not so I will have to tell a more basic and slow witted story of my ctr weekend.

The ride this past weekend was in the LBJ grasslands in Decatur, tx. It's a marvelous place to ride with more than 50 miles of trail. I don't get there often enough. Maggie and I arrived about 2pm and were able to find our favorite camping spot with ease. I got checked in for the natrc and Arabian horse ride (Liberty is a half Arab ) and Maggie played with her friends (though I guess at 14 they hang out, not play).

Saturday morning Liberty was massively upset at having been separated from Dixie. He was expressive in his defiance.I ended Up riding with corry key, a vet from Arkansas, and her awesome stallion, Zaliel. In this case two wrongs made a right and two badly behaved horses became well behaved friends on the trail. They paced perfectly and they were there for me when Liberty dumped me after spooking at a cow. (Corry is the author of a great book called Horses who Eat potatoes)

Sunday she had to pull and I was very sad. I have never had that much funon trail at a Ctr.

Texas two step ttc

We passed a fun and exciting weekend at Tarrant Ranch with the Texas Trail challenge. We had challenges both days. Maggie Road in the first day and I judged. The second day Maggie and I helped to pull down ribbons for candy, and she helped with one of the obstacles. There was a large group both days, I would say over 40 riders each day. There are also many buddy riders.

on the first day, when I was judging, I had to very fun obstacles. The first obstacle was a very large date. Tenderfoot had to pass through the gate while keeping control of the gate at all times. Both Maverick and Horsemen how'd open the gate with the left hand back through the gate, close the gate. They had to keep control of the gate the entire time. Most everyone did this fairly well, but there are a few resources refused to approach the day. There were a few beautiful example of the opening. The second obstacle was a series of transitions. Tenderfoot had to make a walk trot whole transition, Maverick had to do a Tropicana hall transition, and Horseman had to do at canter halt canter transition. The tangelo cancer, when done well, is a beautiful thing. I was playing with it on Sunday, and discovered that liberty really enjoyed the challenge of it. Everyone seemed like they were having a really great time. We had good potlucks both nights, and some birthday cake for candy on Sunday. Maggie placed higher than she ever has before. She was third in the maverick adult class. She Juniored out last year, and is no longer riding with the juniors, who ride tenderfoot. The next one is at Waco's lacy point. It will be held in the second to sorry third week of October. I hope everyone will come.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hair color

All my life I have been a natural blond. I was really white headed as a kid and it's never quit being blond. However, the last couple years, it's looking a little dingy. I suspect that means it's turning a little bit grey.  It doesn't look grey, it still looks blond, but it's not vibrant. I tried to go strawberry blond but the red never stays in my hair. (Imagine my surprise that Maggie is still a red head after one planned box of temporary color turned her permanently red and now we're seeking ways to keep up with it or turn it back)  So, when I bought her last box of color, I bought me one too. I picked ultra light sun blond. I figured as poorly as my hair takes color it wouldn't make much difference...well, uh, that's not true this time. I'm really, really blond now. However, it looks fabulous, so I'm not sorry. It's bright...Photos of my bright blond hair and my shiny new tights will most likely be available next week at after the NATRC ride.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Friend Saturday

I had the opportunity to meet and make a new friend today. Her name is Dee and she is the wife of my guitar teacher.  She has always loved horses, but for various reasons she has been told that she shouldn't ride anymore.  It's not a serious, structural issue, and she is planning on starting slowly to see if she can ride again.  Today she just came out to smell and brush horses and enjoy herself, but in the future, I'm going to get her on a horse at a walk and maybe a trot on a longe and see how it goes for her.  She would love to be able to actually go trail riding if possible, but she needs to build core muscle, so we're going to approach this like a therapy. She is just amazing and we really hit it off so I'm looking forward to the company.  Peter and I are going to go to the Stagecoach tonight to see my teacher's band play and just go out. I never do that, so it will be fun! We're going to stay out just an hour or so since Maggie and I have some riding planned for in the morning.

I had planned to sew today and instead we're just enjoying watching old Eureka episodes and playing with Sims 3.  I ended up ordering some new tights from Evelyn Allen at Just for Horsin-round and now I don't have to make my own.  Maggie is making a pair of sleep pants for a friend and I'm going to help her with those. She got the pattern traced off, just like my mom, showed her. Then, while sitting on her knees she got her right knee cap stuck again. this hasn't happened in 6 months, but I see a trip to the orthopedist in our future.  I came to realize that it had been a couple weeks since I'd sat still and I decided to just enjoy myself today and be lazy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I am tired

I don't just mean physically tired. I mean I'm worn out with all the possibilities of things I could or should be doing. I am worn out with thinking of riding or sewing or reading or house keeping or game playing. I need to be doing some of the 50 cmte's I still need to achieve and could use a few quiet, unscheduled days for that. The good news is we have a three day weekend and I can get some of this stuff done. I just know there aren't enough hours to accomplish everything. Tomorrow I am meeting a new friend to ride. Sunday will find us on a short trail and Monday will depend. Monday we are playing games with a friend as well. I also need to get to the gym to swim or spin. Like I said I am

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weight set back

In the last three weeks I have had a huge weight set back. In other words I have gained 8 pounds over the last month. I have been following my food logging, eating less fast food and working out. I haven't been working out as hard, but I have not stopped being active at any point. I'm very frustrated. I thought it was going to turn out to be water weight and I was sure that today I would wake up and it would be gone and instead I am up another pound.  officially, Thursday is my weigh in, but if 3 pounds don't miraculously come off before then I will have gained a 3rd week in a row. Obviously time to re-evaluate my calorie levels.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Catching up

I haven't been blogging much lately. I have stuff I'd like to write about but it's time consuming and stressful and not quite ready for primetime so it will have to wait.

We've had a busy weekend maggie and I. ON Friday I had a client to see near Decatur so I brought the horses to a friend's cabin for the night so we could start the day early Saturday. We then drove to Plano to visit with Peter and his parents as well as to see peter's brother's family. Then we went back to the cabin in Decatur. This morning we got up early to ride about 10 miles of trails marking it for the upcoming natrc benefit ride in two weeks. We came back to the cabin and ate and napped and then went to dinner and to see fright night. It was fun! Now getting ready to turn in so we can ride tomorrow morning before returning home.

Peter was busy too. He had photo class and games today. We had asked him to join us up here but be felt it was too long of a drive for the evening and morning. I was disappointed as I would have enjoyed his company. The cabin is so quiet and peaceful. Being in the country has been wonderful.

I'm still working out though I admit the last three weeks I haven't worked as hard. The next two weeks I'm going to pick up my training going into the fall ride season so I am more fit for the distance. I should be already but want to step up my game.

We are trying to find a home for our old pony Joe bear. He has been with us almost 11 years. He is in his mid 30's but totally sound and rideable. He may be broke to drive but we have never driven him. Just a rumor from his past. He doesn't eat hay anymore but his ideal home would be able to feed him a mix of feeds a couple times per day where he can be alone to eat. He is good in a herd but needs to be protected at meal times. He would be perfect for someone's grandchildren. I am not really looking to sell him or lose control of him. I just need another place for him to live. He's 12.3 hh and my daughter rode him as did her friends until a couple Years ago. He needs a smaller rider. He's a sweet Puppy dog of a pony and it would be great if someone could ride him more regularly as it will keep him young. It would help my bottom line to have one less pony to feed as well so it could be a win win for one of my friends who needs a pony Contact me privately for more details.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Bluebonnet: BEHS Needs Help - Foster homes in Texas and Adopters in Texas and surrounding states needed

The pleas for horses needing help sometimes get overwhelming, so I hate to add another plea.  But the fact is that between economic hardships and one of the worst droughts in Texas' history, times are very hard for the horses here.  Hay is scarce and expensive, and because of that fewer people are able and willing to foster or adopt.
We're getting more and more requests to help starving and abandoned horses, and if we're going to keep helping horses, we need some of ours to go to adopters and we need foster homes.  So I'm turning to you all and begging for help. 
We have many horses looking for their forever homes, and we're waiving adoption fees on twenty-five of them right now.  Some are companion (or pet) horses who cannot be ridden.  But others are broke to ride or sound enough to be trained to ride.    The horses whose fees are not waived all have much lower fees than ever before.   We need to move these horses out!  If you aren't in Texas and are interested in adopting, send me an email.  We'll discuss out of state adoptions on a case by case basis.
If you are in Texas and have some room but can't add another permanent addition right now, please think about fostering.  We pay for pre-approved veterinary care, pre-approved supplements, pre-approved medications, paste de-wormer and $10 of each farrier visit.  Other expenses may be tax-deductible since we're a nonprofit.  The horses you foster give you so much more than you put into them.  You'll become a better horseperson while making a very real difference in the lives of horses.  You will be saving a life.
Please join us in helping these very needy horses.  Their love and gratitude will be the greatest reward you can imagine.

Jennifer Williams, Ph.D.
President & Executive Director, Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society

Join us for the annual Bluebonnet Horse Expo on October 22, 2011 in Austin, TX - www.bluebonnethorseexpo.com

Learn how to start and run your own rescue - www.howtostartarescue.com

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Sunday, August 21, 2011


We went to see our friend alexa in Wichita falls yesterday and stayed the night. We brought games and swim suits. We had dinner, swam and played games. Now I'm getting a mani/pedi and Peter is getting a pedi also. I think it will be his first one. I don't detect any enthusiasm in him but we girls are going to rope him into it. I have not had a manicure in years since my daily guitar playing causes chipping. But I'm getting solar nails.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fit 2 Fat Radio

I ran across a new podcast/blog that I'm finding very interesting. I even purchased the first season of their podcast and their ebook because I found what they had to say so intriguing. They are 2 guys talking about fitness and weight loss, but their take is very different. They say that as dieters we should eat more food not less. That if we are truly hungry we should eat more food and not be starving ourselves. Their idea of BMR (basal metablolic rate) and food consumption is unique. I would like to think their method can work for me, but I'm still skeptical. They say that to lose weight you need to eat like you already weigh what you want to weigh. When I plugged in all my numbers into their calculator, I got a range of calorie consumption from 1771-over 2500 depending on my level of activity. It made me realize that my fitness pal (the calculator I have been using) doesn't actually add up how much I'm burning through activity into the mix of calories I should be consuming. When I plug in their recommendation for calorie consumption, it says I will lost 0, and that isn't taking into account the exercise I am doing.  These guys say that if we eat more calories our metabolisms will repair themselves and we'll lose weight.  Stayed tuned to see if this is true.

I got back on the exercise bandwagon today after being a slacker last week. I did 37 minutes of walking at 3.5 mph and burned about 247 calories. of course, this means I have another 200 calories to burn later in the day, but I know that i will do it. I came home from my weekend 4 pounds heavier than i left. I did log it in but don't really feel like it's a true reflection of my weight loss overall. I always gain water weight when I'm traveling. I drank quite a bit of the wrong things this weekend and I feel pretty puffy. Thursday will hopefully be lower than last week's number of 215. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ugh, reading for the weekend

Today has not been a good day at all! I was supposed to have breakfast with a friend who canceled.  It is not unusual for her to cancel, but I had hoped she would not.  Then we got the dog groomed and I ran errands. I was supposed to have a guitar lesson and see clients this afternoon, but my 24 hours are evidently not up on my bug yet.  I'm still rumbling in my tummy, and staying close to home. I think I feel the end of it on the horizon. I'd better be at the end because I want to go to Parrie Haynes and will be very upset if we don't get to go for some reason.

Today I helped someone try to pick out a horse from Bluebonnet, but we currently don't have what he is looking for and that made me sad. I thought it would be cool to help someone adopt. 

The upside of no work is we are packed and ready to go to parrie haynes.

Exercise slacker

I have been a terrible slacker this week. Monday I only walked for about 30 minutes (well, walked/jogged combo with bonnie) I was going to go to the gym that evening but some things prevented me making it.

Tuesday was a bad, bad day. I walked for 50 minutes in the morning, but I didn't burn the close to 500 calories that i need to burn each day.  The horses got into the grain, so the vet had to come tube them and I was outside in the heat for 3 hours and didn't drink properly. Then I had plans in the evening, so I decided to skip Hip hop, but then the plans fell through and by the time I realized they weren't going to pan out, I had showered and changed and didn't want to sweat anymore.

I didn't feel bad at all on Tuesday but yesterday I think the dehydration caught up with me...or I ate something bad, or I just picked up a bug b/c I felt sick all Wednesday afternoon. I had to come home and lay on the couch instead of going to boot camp or seeing the clients I should have been seeing...so, bad news all the way around. 

This morning is already jammed full of activities and i woke up at 6. I'm going to go lift weights and play on the wii. But I know from Sunday that the wii fit only burns about 125 calories in 30 minutes, which isn't all that significant. I'll play with the frustrating Jillian program instead. It is a much harder workout even if I can't always get it right.

This morning, Bonnie goes to the groomers and then I have to work all afternoon. I have a hospice client i'm supposed to see but I'm not 100% still and I'm going to reschedule him for next week. I don't need to take potential stomach trouble to him.  My tummy is still rumbly.

I read that about 2 months into working out there is a drop in motivation. I think I have hit that low spot. I have also read that once you get through it you are on a lifelong path to continued exercise. I have also read that it's OK to take a planned break. So, this week will be my planned break and I can hop in with both feet again next week.

Tomorrow Maggie and I leave for Parrie Haynes for one last party at the birth of Texas Trail Challenge.  The park is closing due to budget cut backs. Our friends were laid off in July and continue to make plans for their future. It's one last time for us all to be together.  Then I found out that my dad will be in town on Sunday. He just told me yesterday. So I have to make sure I leave Parrie haynes by noon so we can get the horses home and get cleaned up to spend the evening with them. I'm happy to see him...just wish I had known sooner. it will be a fun, hot weekend. So glad there is a swimming pool and we can sleep in an air conditioned bunk house.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Early mornings

I am discovering I'd rather get up early and work out than lay in bed for an extra 30 minutes. When did THAT happen!? Wednesday I'm going to attempt 545 spinning glass. I only have to get up 30 minutes early to do it. I figure it's a worth a try. I like Friday afternoon spin. This is just earlier.

This morning I only got in 30 minutes of running and walking due to having to get a flat tire fixed. Bad news is that the tire had to be replaced so I'm still sitting in the tire store. Soon I will take maggie to ride then off to see clients.

Please keep my friend Michele Adams in prayers. She is a 40 year old mom of two and has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I've known michele since 1994 and she is mom to my first foal, Sparkey. She was supposed to be leaving for Italy to be a missionary and instead she's undergoing chemotherapy and fighting to live.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guitar lessons

Since my CMTE's are due at the end of the year, and I haven't had a guitar lesson since college, I decided to take guitar lesson. I had asked around and finally decided on docs guitar studio. It's located in hurst on pipe line Road. I had my first lesson today, and Randy was amazing. He has helped me already learned some new chords and I have homework for next week. His prices are reasonable. If you need any help with CMTE's for just want to learn some skills I highly recommend. E-mail me privately if you want his number.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trudging on

I'm at a point of trying to decide if I'm going to keep with weight watchers another month or just use a free food tracker.  I'm not sure if one is better than the other, but I do like being able to see how much exercise I have done for the week in terms of points. I have begun to make sure that I exercise enough to cover whatever extra food that i'm eating above my 31 points and not touch the "free" points that they give me. No matter than I am not losing any weight still. I find that I don't mind so much anymore. My inches aren't shrinking either...However, the working out is paying off in spades. Liberty spun out on me last weekend and I didn't fall off. Today he spooked several times and my new core strength kept me from falling off.  He threw a little buck today and I stayed centered. So whether or not I lose another pound (I have lost a total of 7 since I started back in April) I can tell that my work is paying off.

I got to go to Alanna's place in the grasslands last night and ride with Vicki Fraser and Alanna. Annette Griffin and Deena Moore were to have come, but it didn't work out. It was so nice to leave the city behind, sit outside and gab and talk. I even ran a little with Vicki and the horses (very little b/c I got winded) but we had a nice walk around the pond on Alanna's 80 acres.  Today we got up early, at a big breakfast (emphasis on big) and went riding from 8 till about noon. we rode the yellow trail and checked out the new bridge. We took turns leading, mixed up the pace a little so that no one got overheated, but we did manage to hit every pond. Liberty did his best to cool us all off, but blessedly did not lay down. We shared lunch and we went our separate ways.

It seems like it took me forever to get home today...traffic and all, but it was worth it for the get away. 

I will work tomorrow and part of Saturday.  I will get up and lift weights and swim or run tomorrow. I'll try to hit a class on Saturday,but I have to do my CPR certification on Saturday morning, so it will be whatever I can fit in.  I need to step up my running, but I like the swimming so much more.  I will just have to wait and see.

I have 3 clients tomorrow for a total 4:30 music and massage combined. I have some new massage contracts I have picked up that start tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited about that as well. God has blessed me with more work!

Maggie and I are supposed to be meeting up with Christa and Michaela to ride a couple days next week as a mini-vacation. It happens that the days we're meeting up are project to be under 100 and possibly raining...I don't mind to ride in the rain in they don't. Christa and Michaela have been gone to California for almost 3 weeks. We have missed them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Working out

An amazing thing has happened. I actually like to work out. I'm not sure what has happened to me but I like it. I went to hip hop dance class last night and it was great fun. If I miss a morning I actually find another time to work out. Ok so my weight loss is slow but I am fitter and stronger and that makes me happy.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Help for horses. Bluebonnet Equine humane society

Howdy everyone,


I'm hoping you'll forward the below message to email lists, message boards, Facebook, friends, family, etc. who might be able to help.  This is the most sincere, from the heart plea for help I could write.   I'm scared for so many horses out there across Texas and I worry about our ability to help them.




I've been involved in rescue since 1998. I have faced many challenges:  halter breaking and taming wild horses, learning to run an organization, overcoming a nearly crippling fear of public speaking to speak out about rescue horses, testifying at seizure cases, etc.  I have held horses' heads in my lap and cried over them when it was time to let them go.  I've cried tears as some of my favorite horses have left for new homes, and I've smiled and laughed and felt overwhelming joy when I hear wonderful success stories about our horses and their adopters.  I've met some wonderful people.  I've faced horrible burnout and overcome it to help more horses.


I am not alone in this – there are many people in BEHS who have walked similar paths and help many horses.  There are people across the country and around the world helping horses.  I'm so grateful so be part of that brotherhood (sisterhood? Personhood?) of humans helping horses.  And I want to extend a huge, giant, ginormous thank you to the foster homes, adopters, members and donors who make BEHS possible. 


But 2011 is the most challenging year I've faced.  The economy has affected so many of our members – people have had to return their beloved horses, they've had to stop fostering and some have been forced to let their membership lapse.  Donations are down, adoptions are down and we rarely have anyone new sign up to foster.  The drought has made grass non-existent and hay is nearly impossible to find. 


But the need for help continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  We're receiving more neglect reports than usual, we're turning away people who want to donate horses they cannot afford to keep, and we're unable to help starving, abused and abandoned horses when sheriff's departments call.  We won't agree to take in horses from cases when we don't have the homes or funds to care for them.  And this means we're turning many, many horses away.  More than I've ever had to turn away before.



So I am begging from  help.  If you are looking to add a horse to your herd, please consider adoption.  Our fees are very low (and July is adopt one, get one free month).  Many of our horses disprove the myth that rescue horses can't be successful.  If you have extra room and can foster, please sign up (BEHS pays for pre-approved vet care, pre-approved medications, $10 of each farrier visit and paste de-wormers.  Other expenses may be tax-deductible).  Join the rescue – you don't have to volunteer, live in Texas, or even be a horse person to join BEHS.  Your membership says you support BEHS and the horses in the rescue.  Or make a donation to help care for the horses in the rescue.


I have never been this worried about the future of the horses in Texas or so scared about our ability to help them.  Please help me and help Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society continue to help needy horses.


Thank you for your time reading this,






Jennifer Williams, Ph.D.

President & Executive Director, Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society



Join us for the annual Bluebonnet Horse Expo on October 22, 2011 in Austin, TX -www.bluebonnethorseexpo.com


Learn how to start and run your own rescue - www.howtostartarescue.com


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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last night we went to Johnnie High's country music revue in Arlington. It's just down the street from where we live. It's a country music show that has local talent, but has also helped to launch the careers of several country stars.  There was a singer there last night that was on the voice. his sister was singing in the show and he had come to hear her sing. His name is Patrick Thomas.  He was on his way to Nashville as of this am. He was pretty amazing. I also ran into one of my friends there. I found out she was there b/c she posted on facebook, and the little bubble came across Peter's phone. It was pretty funny.  Peter had been wanting to go to this place for ages.

We went to Babe's fried chicken for dinner first...and yes, I could have had grilled chicken, but why would i when their fried chicken is so tasty. However, I looked up the 'cost' in weight watchers for one fried chicken breast and it was 19 points. Geesh!  Oh well, I had planned to try it Lynne's way this week and have a cheat day followed by all good days. We'll see what happens with that.

I'm afraid I'm getting a cold. I have woken up with sore throat and goo in my lungs two days in a row. I'm hoping it's just allergy and I can hold it off.

Yesterday we saw off a good friend, Toni Roland, before she let for her move to New York.  The weekend riding and hanging out didn't go as well as planned since Toni's movers were slow to arrive and then Karen Haile had to work late Friday and then Teresa had a family thing to take care of, but we managed to mostly get it done.  We rode at Teresa's on Friday evening, just on the "soft" side of her place. We went into the Paluxi River and let the horses play in the water.  Liberty was very funny! He swam in the river, rolled over and dug up moss from the water and flung it everywhere. It was absolutely hilarious. Olympus is getting to be great on the trail. He walks calmly, takes his other gaits calmly and we even managed to work on a gate yesterday, though it took forever.  He never got upset about any of it though.  He just kept letting me put him back into the situation he wasn't crazy about and eventually settled and did what was asked.  He's such a nice horse!

We will really miss Toni in Texas! It was great to see her, but all too short. She is on her way to Bar 50 ranch. I wish I were going with her. She is going to wind her way to New York via bed and barns and riding. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boot camp

Second time at boot camp went much better than the first. I made it through 75% of the ab work and 80% of the rest of it. I'm going to sore tomorrow so it occurs to me I may be swimming instead of running but I'll see how I feel in the morning. My food has gone better this week. I still have weekly points leftover. I weighed tonight which was a huge mistake since it said I weighed 220. This morning it said 216 which is .8 higher than last week. I am not eating extra because I am working out more. I should be losing weight. I'm starting to wonder if I need a doctor. This is just crazy. Maybe my muscle tone was so pitiful that it's tKing forever to rev up my metabolism. But this is just nuts.

My secret weapons have been 5htp and kon jac root. Both keep me from being so hungry. Maybe it's sugar? I still eat a treat within my points every day. It's just nuts.

I got up and did some riding this am. Sat on fiera while she grazed and did ground work with Liberty. Linda is coming to hang out for the weekend starting tomorrow. I like Linda. We are going to Teresa musgrave's to see out friend Toni off. She is getting divorced and moving to Ny state. I hate that she is leaving.

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Monday, July 4, 2011


Today I finished week 2 of couch to 5K.  Next week is a big jump. I go from running 90 seconds and off for 2 minutes to doing that 2 times and then doing 3 minutes on with a 3 minute recovery. I hope that I can keep my pace slow and do it, but I'm concerned I'm not ready. I will do that on Thursday.  Tomorrow, I will be swimming, Wednesday biking. Hopefully I can do it! 

So, I weighed today...and I'm four pounds higher than last week, which makes no sense. My eating has even been good.  I measured myself and some of my measurements are actually higher than the last time. Geesh, I can't seem to get a break. I like doing Weight Watchers because I like knowing how my food is affecting me in relationship to my exercise and I like having the points to see if I'm giving myself too many treats. However, it's really frustrating to have the scales go nowhere in spite of my efforts since April. It may be that I have to not use my weekly points and I may need to cut my carbs a bit more. I have been trying to keep the sugar at bay and I have been eating balanced meals of a protein, veggie and healthy carb each week.  it just doesn't seem to always get me anywhere.

However, I'm not going to quit. I'm going to keep working out, more weights, more time in the pool and more time on the bike. Something is bound to move eventually. If not...then I'll be the fittest fat woman in America.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Boot camp

This morning I decided to conquer boot camp. I think, perhaps, it conquered me. I actually did pretty well and found that I enjoyed it. I put the Wednesday night class on my calendar so I can go again and I hope to take Maggie. I may not make it because Maggie and I tend to ride Wednesday nights. But if it's on my calendar I have half a chance of making it. Especially it's hot outside.

This morning i got up and made Peter and myself breakfast. He picked up Maggie from her friends while I was working out. Then I made us all lunch and we have cleaned house. Now Maggie and I are watching the tv show "v" from last season. When it cools we will go to ride. In the meantime I'm enjoying some downtime.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Today was my first day to bicycle. peter fixed the bike I bought from Amy Crane last summer and then never rode. He got the brakes fixed and the tires are new and improved. So, today, I wasn't feeling like the pool, so I decided to take out the bike and do that for the first time. It was so much harder than I expected. I rode for 26 minutes. I have no idea how far I went or how fast I was going.  I rode from the house, down the street, across Collins to the bike and walking path by the football stadium. From there I rode up to division and almost back to randol mill, but I couldn't make it up a big hill, so I turned around and went back at that point. I had to stop a couple times and rest for about 30 seconds or so, but I made it back home. I even rode past the group of dayworkers waiting for work that I have always been intimidated to walk by.  So, I only burned 3 points on the weight watchers scale of points, so I know i have to do some riding, walking or swimming or something else later today...but at least I got out there and did it.

I have been at it for 3 weeks now and this week has been hard to be as intense as I was the past two weeks. I find myself being tired this week and wimping out on the workouts a little. I have done my work out every day, but I haven't worked as hard.  I read in one of my books that the third week was the hardest one, so it could be that I'm just hitting that hump. After 21 days the exercise is supposed to become more of a habit.

In other news: I had someone ask me if I could watch their disabled family member in the mornings and I said yes. But when I gave my price of $10/hour, she didn't get back to me. I did say that I wasn't sure what people charged, so I was willing to negotiate, but she never replied. It may be too much money for them. But, I will be having to revamp my whole daily schedule and find a new time to work out (which is becoming important to me) so I don't feel the need to work for nothing when it's going to turn my schedule upside down. The other side is that I really could use the extra cash, even if it's not as much as I would like to have. I'm not sure yet which one is the best choice. I could come back and offer $8/hour and I could offer to do his therapy when I'm there on one of the days so they would only be paying me for three days...but then I still have to rework my schedule. I could sure use that cash in my debt snowball. 

Today I am seeing one client, but it's far away. Maggie is going to hang with her friend Abby and go swimming. Then I hope, since it's "only" going to be 99, we'll ride this afternoon. If it's too hot, we'll come home, have supper and go out this evening.

we had a great time last night playing with the new Glee Karaoke game.  We had a great time singing Glee songs with each other. I usually do really well on those games, but I was consistently flat last night and Maggie and Peter and Maggie kept beating me. We had fun anyway.

Maggie and I went to see Buck the Movie last night. It was so awesome. We really enjoyed ourselves. It wasn't really a horse training movie, but it was neat to see how one of the most revered natural horsemen lives his life.