Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall CTR schedule

I thought I should post this separate because it's going to be long and horsey related...

Maggie and I competed in 2 NATRC rides this fall. I hadn't planned to do any since we hadn't really competed much this year, but I found out that if the horse was in three rides and the rider was in three rides that they would have points that added up for them even though they only did 2 rides together and weren't eligible for a team score. I had previously thought they had to have three rides together to qualify for any awards at all.

Maggie and I completed the Benefit ride the beginning of October. We had a great time and Maggie received a 2nd in Horse and 3rd in Horsemanship and Liberty and I both got fourth. He did really well and only lost 4 points...mostly due to me changing bits and making him uncomfortable.

Two weeks later (last weekend) we went to Horsemasters where Dixie won in Horse and Maggie got second in Horsemanship. Liberty and I did not place, but we had good scores and I was mostly pleased...considering he tossed my butt before we timed out and almost lost me again later. The weather was perfect and Peter took lots of great photos. , which he is still going through. One of Liberty and me is below.

Frankie is still here

Well, an amazing thing happened today...We had to go out to the Flint Fall Festival and I hated to leave him locked in a tiny crate in the house all day long. So, I had the bright idea to take the portable kennel outside and leave him in it in the backyard since it had four sides and he wouldn't be able to escape...

well, he did escape...only he didn't leave. Frankie dug a whole in the yard and got out through the smallish square at the bottom of the crate, but he didn't leave our yard. He didn't jump over the short fence where he could have, and he didn't dig out of the back yard when he normally would. I was amazed! He is currently curled up at my feet. Of course, this means I still don't have a reliable way to contain him, unless I put the crate in the garage, but it's nice to know he really does want to be here with us!

I took Dixie over to the Flint Fall Festival today. It was the most popular event with the longest line...I'm very tired. I made endless circles. My feet are killing me. I think Frankie and I will have to get in shape together.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Frankie's return

I got Frankie picked up at the shelter and he acted just like he knew I'd come. He was very subdued at home last night. I figure he's just happy not to be in the pound anymore. I'm going to keep him on a short leash (literally) for awhile. He slept with maggie and seems to be taking his confinement well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Return of Frankie

I never thought I'd really think about Frankie again. I thought he was long and gone. I figured when he went to the pound last winter that he hadn't been adopted and that was the end...only, the last few weeks I have been having dreams about Frankie. I dreamed he was looking for me. I dreamed he was in the backyard with a fence full of holes and he didn't run away. I dreamed that he was Lacie but then he turned into Frankie. I dreamed that he was sitting at my feet.

I found out today that he wasn't put down. I found he had been adopted and then given away and then ran away and is back in the shelter. Tomorrow I will go back and get him out of the shelter and bring him home again. My only fear is that he will be put down before I get there tomorrow afternoon.

I have no idea how I'm going to make it work with Frankie back home, but I confess I have really missed him.

Long week of illness

Maggie was still home sick today and I joined her To make matters worse, my dsl modem quit so I have had no internet today. I was only able to post this from my cell phone email account.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sick kid

This am when I went to get Maggie up for school with a puke filled room. She had thrown up on the floor and comforter and herself. I revised my work schedule for the day and she stayed home. Peter then came home early to be with her. She's currently better but not well. Poor kid.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Luis Miguel concert

Tonight I had the opportunity to work a concert venue for massage therapy. I discovered that I need to use way more pressure than any of my regular clients as for. I also discovered there is probably a future in learning massage techniques that benefit musicians. It also made me think some more about a followup survey/article to my thesis where I find out out what musicians/music therapists are doing to get relief from pain and injury. The tour was really nice and I even got a tshirt. Hopefully I will have made a good impression and get asked back.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weird Day/quick update

It's been an odd day of running and running and not accomplishing much. I took Maggie and Jena over to Alexa's this am to help her paint and they ended up staying there all day. Tomorrow I will head over with clothes and we'll all go to church.

I had planned to ride, but trimmed feet instead and reorganized my stuff for next weekend.

I helped Cat sell her trailer, for which I earned $100. I hated to take her money but she insisted and I know I can use will help pay for the ride next weekend and I can send another $100 to Maggie's saddle. It looked really empty to have her trailer gone and the tack trailer is now really crowded. I have to get a shed of some kind.

Friday Dr. Lampe came and did all the yearly stuff. Fiera has her own coggins now. She was awful for him! Deli is on some stuff that is Legend and Adequan combined and I have to give her an IV shot for the next four weeks, but it might help her ringbone.

Last weekend we placed really well in a large class. i was shocked. I got fourth and he got fourth. I knew he had been a good boy, but I never dreamed. I would have done better I think but I cost us points with changing his bit. Maggie got third and Dixie placed second, so she was pleased too. We have lots to practice...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Off to the ride

Today will be a busy day. It's 8am and my truck is packed (reminds me of a song...all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go) Maggie is still sleeping, as is Peter (he has been sick) and I'm sitting here drinking coffee and thinking about cooking breakfast. I have a job interview down the street at 9:30 and I have to see Dr. Flint at 11. I also am seeing Jackie to pick up her Orthoflex Saddle. She is selling it for a great price and Maggie loves this I'm going to give it to her. Ok, well, I love it too and I can probably ride in it occasionally also. I wish I could buy her daughter's instead as it has a 16 inch seat, but that one is locked inside Natalie's trailer, so the 15 will have to do.

I stand corrected...Peter is not asleep. He is up and dressed for the day.

Then we will leave for the CTR at the grasslands. I wasn't going to go. I resisted going all week. Not even so much for money reasons as just that we have been so busy, it really sounded like a great weekend to be home. The lure of nice weather talked me into going (unfortunately, they now say it's going to be in the 90's for the weekend, GRRR) and we signed up. I also found out that Maggie's points from her other two rides place her in 5th in the novice jr. division and Dixie's one ride for 1st place with Jena garnished her another 16 points, so if Maggie does 2 rides on Dixie she could place for horse and if she does 1 more ride minimum for herself she might place in horsemanship. So, I figured, what the heck.

For myself, there are so many people in my division, I'm just along for the joy ride. I Hope not to get pulled or held and beyond that I will just have a good time!