Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tonka moves on

This weekend was Tonka's debut into competitive riding. I had high hopes for her. She was going great on the ground and our trail rides had been pretty uneventful. I didn't expect to place but I did expect a slow ride. She was great for trot out and an offside mount. Then she became insecure and went from slightly nervous but quiet to a bucking bronco. Good news is that I Iasted 8 seconds and didn't get hurt. Bad news is that she didn't quit bucking till I was on the ground. I have sore muscles, rope burns and a skinned up arm but am otherwise fine. She is now at the trainer's house, no linger my problem. It about broke my heart to watch her run the fenceline after my trailer as I drove away but I have to admit defeat. She's a lovely horse but way too unpredictable for me. When she tossed Maggie I thought perhaps she had missed a cue from the mare. Now I'm sure that no cues were missed and she is just that unpredictable. All I did was to whoa her and tell her to stand and she lost her mind. I wish it were possible to explain to the horses what the problem is and find out what they needed from us.

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