Monday, August 8, 2016

Coming home

This is the first, non-horse related vacation I have had..ever. I think...I did go to that drumming retreat but that was for CMTE's when Maggie was 2 and while it was fun and cathartic in many ways it wasn't really a vacation. Since leaving home 8 days ago we have paid very little attention to clocks and it has been wonderful. Now we are back on the boat, sitting in the martini bar relaxing on the last day. At 8 pm we have name that tune in the martini lounge. 
The vacation has worn us out in a good way. We have learned as to sleep past our normal alarm and wake up after 7. We have had leisurely days and quiet nights. We have hung out like people getting in a routine so, but it has never been boring. I have found my movie watching soulmate--we can watch any movie at anytime without it being a problem if it's not our favorite movie. We have met New people and he embraces these social experiences like I do. We talk or we happily exist side by side. I love this man. 
I'm never I'm trouble' in this relationship. There is on.y joy and fun. 
The Bahamas were an interesting place. Food was ok but not super exciting. All except for dinner last night which was fantastic. The workers at the resort were either really nice or kind of rude. There was no in between. Things were how they were. At the coffee shop they were out of half and half. I asked for more and they just said no there isn't anymore. There was about zero attempt at customer service. I wondered  if it was the all inclusive nature of the resort that made workers feel like they didn't get tipped enough. The highlight of the island people was the bus driver back to the boat, who was hilarious. 


Kate Love said...

On an island, when you are out, you are out. No way around it!

Alice Steinke said...


Val said...

Hmmm, coulda sworn I'd left comments on earlier posts??? I'm very happy for ya - but don't get me started on what passes for "customer service" (or lack thereof) in the UK!
One of my long-term email buddies drove into London to meet me for dinner; we hiked down the road to local pub & it was AWFUL! After a while we just sat back, sipped our drinks (when we finally got em), & laughed bcz it was honestly like a bad comedy skit...
And all the other places we went weren't much better - thank goodness we weren't there for the cuisine! The best meals we had we those we made ourselves in our little cottage. We did have a couple of decent meals at an Italian joint near my MIL's but service was S-L-O-W!