Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pole Canyon

This weekend was so wonderful. I learned so much an it was such a pleasure to work with Alanna at the ride. My only disappointment was nit getting out on the trails at all but it was so great to facilitate everyone else's rides that I didn't hardly care. Maggie had a great-time riding with other juniors until she had to pull due to Dixie having a sore back. Then she had fun in camp and taking photos with Jim. Alanna made her weekend allowing her to drive her mule! Robin Timmons came along to share gas and ride safety which made the driving miles pass quickly. Thanks to all the competitors who were kind to this first tome ride secretary. I'm ready to do it again at the Christmas ride.

I was thinking that it's good that Elaine has already committed me to managing the Scamper. After this weekend I might have been to afraid of all the unknown factors.

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