Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Harry Whitney last day

Today did not go so well. I thought it was going to be great because she seemed to have her attention on me right away and I got I got on quickly and she was doing great. We were walking forward and trotting. But then about 30 minutes in she began to look outside the pen and get jumpy and begin to look for 'excuses' to spook and started to become heavier and heavier. I was moving her around and I thought changing her thoughts but there were little spots I was missing. So another bird flew up and spooked her and off I came. I had long reins to keep her relaxed but I couldn't get them back. I almost got it back but I didn't and then hit the ground. I got her back and hopped back on or a few minutes but I felt the tension starting to build so I got off and went back to ground work. Harry came over and showed me what I was doing wrong which was not making her stay with me all the time. In my efforts to be more soft tr last few days I had stopped demanding her immediate attention. Harry worked with her and she was sticky even for him so it's not just that I'm not on time or soft. She is really sticky in her thoughts. He showed me how to demand her complete attention at all times. This will be a challenge. He also got on her for awhile and showed me the same things. She does not want to give up her thoughts. Them I got back on and rode her a bit more just to feel how she was post Harry.

Her attention is really hard to get. She needs 100% of all attention all the time. Even when I think I'm paying attention I find that she had snuck out on me to the happy grass filled place horses go to avoid humans. I see now how much she has been running me instead of actually being with me. Ironically Liberty is far more with me than she is. She's the first one to greet us but it's all on her terms not the terms I have set. It takes a lot of energy.

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