Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Tumblr account and business website

In an effort to promote my music and massage therapy business I have a blog/website at It's  I have already been chastised for the length of my URL, but since that is my business name, it seemed better than trying to come with something people might remember.  They give me the option to promote my new blog, so I started a tumblr account as well. My name on tumblr is adagiomassage (it was shorter) and the name of the blog there is alice's B&B (there is more, but that is enough to find me). i have no idea what, if anything I will do with my tumblr account. I don't know if it will eventually replace this blog or not. I keep thinking I should have a separate fitness blog from my horse blog, but then I don't know that it's strictly true either. I am planning to write a book about my NATRC adventures, and I had originally thought I would put them in a blog, but I realize that i would actually like to be able to sell the book, and (if anyone buys it anyway) why would someone buy my book if they could read the blog for free. Shrug. 

So, I'd love to hear from other people who use Tumblr and what they like about it...

On the home front, maggie worked at the Speedway all weekend. She was brought home by a good friend after midnight and I never heard the phone ring or her text, even though I should have HMMMM.  Anyway, I woke up this morning and found a note on the door that said: Thank you for leaving the back door unlocked (I almost didn't). Please let me sleep. (I have even though it's almost 1pm and I have things to do that would make noise, lol) I did not wake the dogs (amazing) I must be a ninja (too funny)  Anyway, sleeping beauty is still sleeping. I figure she's wiped out. 

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