Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cell Phones and Peach and Quiet

I have a dilemma about cell phones. I feel safer having one, but it's also a curse when I have one and choose not to have it with me. Take tonight for example: I was to pick up Jena around 5pm. I was doing heavy horse tasks, (moving hay, grain) and couldn't wear my phone, so I put it in the car. Evidently she called and texted from 5:15, when I got back to the car where I could hear my phone. I sort of miss the days when i could be off riding and not be reached by anyone. If I was late...well, then I was late. Of course this meant pissed off husbands, but hey, they weren't mad at me or pestering me till i got home, so what did I care?

Of course, the flip side is safety. It's good to be safe and have contact with your fellow man, but sometimes, I wish I had a little lesson contact.

We're going to the Texas Renaissance Faire this weekend in Houston. We had planned to go to Great Wolf Lodge for 2 nights, but it was going to cost over $800 just for the hotel. This will cost us less than half of that and we'll probably have just as much fun. Peter will have his camera. Cat is making me a court gown. I'm very excited about it.

I will miss the horses though. I love riding over the holidays. I have been severely cut back in my riding lately. Jena is with us alot and she rides some, but not always and I end up having to change up my tentative plan. maggie doesn't always want to ride with Jena and vice versa. It's not her fault...it just is easy to blow off riding, or feel like I can't get away when I have extra company. It's totally me letting other things get it in my way. I also don't ride as much now that I trim, feed, etc. I'm working to change that though. I now have a standing Thursday date with Dana, which will help for one time per week. Maggie and I usually ride on Fridays and then one day on Saturday...I hope to pick up Monday mornings since I can take her to school and not have to be at work till 11, but I'm not really sure I will have time for that...work takes up so much time from the things I'd really rather be doing.

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