Thursday, May 21, 2009

Indian Territory

This weekend is the Indian Territory trail ride. This is one of my most favorite rides in the region since the only time we can ride at John Zink ranch is this time of year, on an organized ride. Maggie has never ridden this ride with me and I'm so happy she'll be with me this year. She's excited because there is a full class of juniors. She is eager to test her skills against some other kids to have some feedback about how well she and Dixie are truly doing. She says she'd rather come in last against the other kids than come in first only because she is the only kid. I don't think she has much to worry about since two weeks ago at Pole Canyon ranch she did so well. Her scores were in the top 2 competitors both days, even though she was the only junior. I would love to do well because IT is the one place I have one twice...once on Deli and once on Freeley. It would be cool to get a trifecta...but I don't expect it. The class has 10 people currently so I will just go and have fun and hope we finish sound.

I still haven't had time to post about Pole Canyon. I think part of my problem is that I had so much fun, it's hard to sit down and write it out. I'll do better at IT...I'll post from the ride on my phone as it happens.

We bought a new tent for the ride. It's a 14x16 cabin tent. I think it's the same size as my living room at home, LOL. I wasn't going to set it up b/c Maggie and I like camping in our truck, but with a 50% chance of rain I think maybe I will set it up to have a dry place to sleep. I can't leave the windows down in the trailer if it's going to rain. I will at least take it with us. We leave tomorrow morning at 5am.

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