Sunday, April 2, 2017

God is Working

Today sitting here at church with the rain pounding the roof I feel so grateful to know our Lord. Things are happening in our lives that can only be explained as being the Lord's plan. Or lives are being enriched and blessings are being given to us that will enable us to in turn bless others.

I have never been much of an evangelist but I think I have found my niche. We have this awesome cowboy church and I can introduce them to Christ through the horse events. I so sad that I going to miss the arena Day because we will be in pole canyon. I have loved traveling but I'm starting to want to be here more. I want to be here in this community and be a part of it. Family Is more important than many Things I used to think mattered more. And it's not a sacrifice to do these things. I no longer feel like I missing out. The Lord has changed my heart in ways I never thought possible.

The Lord brought me the God fearing man I always prayed about having in my life. Our lives are moving in unison in His will. We are having peace, love and success that we never dreamed of.

I thank Rebecca, Michael's late wife every day for 'training' him well. And caring for him for so many years. He is such a wonderful husband and I am so grateful to share his life. Caring for him has become my gift from God to him so he can continue to love and care for others. I wish I could have known Becky.

Today's reading was 1 John 1-14.  Boots and saddle cowboy church in Gatesville, tx. The sermon can be found on the Facebook page where it is live every week. Notes to follow.

We need our neighbors to survive. God calls us to be part of our community.

God wants us to love the people around us whether we know them or not. What would happen if we got out of our comfort zone and loved our neighbor.

If we don't learn to love our neighbor no one will grow.

The biggest Things we can do Is to ask forgiveness and love our neighbor.

The one who says he is in the Light and yet hates his brother is in the darkness until now.
1 John 2:9 NASB

God help me to decide.

I did this just yesterday. Faced with a decision I did not want to make I prayed and the path became clear. It wasn't the answer I wanted but I was able to recognize that it was what I should do. And then I didn't feel loss from the decision but joy from hanging done his will.

When we do Things for others often we are the ones more blessed. Jess said When they did the fencing privet they cheated the people they we're fencing for because they came away more blessed.

This Is how Michael and I get after putting on our ride at cbar. Having the folks from special Olympics blessed us and all the riders way more than than they we're blessed. They gave us a common goal and we were able to give to them. We were far more blessed.

for we walk by faith, not by sight-
2 Corinthians 5:7 NASB

Wow, this is a verse for today. Mike and I have some decisions to make about some career opportunities. We feel like we are following the right path but it does mean we have some decisions ahead.

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