Sunday, June 25, 2017


I have had an interesting weekend. I returned to my old home this weekend to visit. I was reminded what it was like to live here and how much I love it. I was able to fondly think about how much I loved living here. It  was strange to be a guest in what was my home for 15 months. I had really thought I'd live here forever and probably would have if it had not been for finding Michael  

We went to a gun education weekend and it was great. I have been pretty uncomfortable about shooting and now I feel much better. I shot yesterday and I think I did ok. I didn't shoot today because I have a terrible headache. I have been shooting a Walther PPS 9 mm. I am really grateful to Mike's brother for loaning me a gun to use. Mike's gun is really too big heavy and large for my hands. 

I have moved forward over the weekend spending time with these good friends. I have been sad for people of the past and I think I have moved forward and finally ceased to care so much about my old life. I don't know why some of these friendships have fallen away but I am done trying to fix it. I didn't do anything to these people. There is no reason for them to have left behind. No matter what is said or thought I didn't cause this to happen. I have some theories about why and who happened but it's just not important anymore. I know that I am a good person and I'm finished apologizing and trying to fix something I didn't cause. It is a relief to have this off my shoulders and heart. 

Life is good. I am blessed and happy every day. God gave me the best life and I'm so happy to be living the life I have. 

I'm trying to sell my trailer. I am going to upgrade to something bigger for is to both be comfortable together. If anyone is looking it's a 1997 sundowner sunlite. I want 10000 firm. It's really nice and perfect for someone to start with. 

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Val said...

When I find that fabled block of free time, I need to take that course to get my CCL...
This reminds me, though, that I need to hit the next local gun show & stock up on ammo - my trainer came out a few wks ago & we shot up a lot of targets 😊