Monday, August 18, 2008

Always playing Catch up

I didn't realize so many days had gone by since I had posted something. Sometimes I find time to post little snippets from email throughout the week, but these last couple weeks I haven't had time to write anything it seems. I also didn't have time to call my mom and I was properly chastised...Of course, I still haven't had time to call her so I need to get that done in the next couple days.

We had a great weekend around here, up to the point when I realized that Maggie's room was a terrible mess and that it needed to be cleaned. Sunday while she and Jena were at the pool, she called to tell me that she had forgotten her clothes and could I get them from her room. I couldn't find any clothes in her room, so I lost it! If Jena hadn't been here, waiting to go to a lesson today, she would have been grounded for the next week. As it was, I found some clothes and took them to her, but I'm still pretty furious.

Today we were supposed to have a lesson and take Jena to have her lesson, but it is raining. We need the rain, so I'm not complaining too much...other than for the fact that I rearranged my schedule for the week so we could have lessons today and it looks like I will have to re-rearrange them back to today so I can take them on Thursday. Jena starts school next week, so I really wanted to get them to Jennifer before school starts. I plan to take Maggie to the water park Friday (if she gets her room clean) so Jena can come with us and do that as well.

This weekend, my friend Teresa Musgrave, invited several of us to her place to ride. It was Maggie and myself, Karen and her kids, Rachel and Travis, a friend of Rachel's and her mom, and two other ladies who also ride Paso Finos. Liberty was a nervous wreck the whole time we were there. I don't know what it is about going to Teresa's house that makes him so nuts. It could be the riding in a large group because I make a huge effort to NEVER ride in a big group. I like to ride on my own terms under my own agenda. Yes, it's selfish, but I'm comfortable being in front, being in charge and not having to wait around. It's good for me to step outside this box, but since it's not the way I typically do things, it's rough on my horse (and me) to change our way of going.

I did find a sore spot on one of his legs. He looks like he might have scratches. I have been treating it but he was a little gimpy b/c of it the other night. Poor fellow.

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