Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beyond frustrated

My week is not going well.

I got thrown from my horse on Sunday, stood up by the new farrier on Monday, found out that Peter's 'new' car needs a new radiator on Tuesday (and my a/c fan broke in my suburban, which I shouldn't have been driving anyway except that Peter's carpool buddy had to drive separately and he took my car). I also found out on Tuesday that the friend who had begged me to go to the Supreme Trail Challenge with her isn't going to go and I can't afford to go alone. ON Monday I also found out that Dr. Chlapek had died, and I'm still very emotional sad about that. Today I woke up an emotional mess and not feeling well (read in the bathroom and throwing up). But instead of being able to stay home and get my equilibrium I have to work anyway because state is at the nursing home. I also found out today that my car (which I have $2000 on in the last 2 months) needs a tune up. There goes another $500 on top of the $500 I'm going to have to spend on Peter's car for the new radiator. It means that in the last 3 months I have spent more on car repairs than I paid for the car. Each time it breaks down, I say I won't fix it again, but I don't have the cash for a new car (because I can't save any money to buy a newer car since I'm putting so much money into the old car and I don't believe in having a car payment on top of all the other debt we have) I'm working my tail off this summer (when I was going to spend one last summer hanging out with my kid before I really had to work FT, which makes me sad) and I can't get any traction. Next week we're supposed to get our gas lease check and I was going to pay off one of the Credit card bills...only, no, now I get to pay the mechanic for the car repairs. Maggie is getting her new horse...I will have a little left for debt reduction, but not as much as I'd planned. IT was my plan to pay one of the cards completely off so I could get some traction on my less bill to pay and all that. It makes me so sad that I can't get ahead no matter how hard I work...And with all the car repairs it makes me wonder if I shouldn't have just bought a new car...but now I'm in the car for the repairs and can't afford to give it up.

To quote the Weepies "This is not Your Year" (or rather my year)


Endurance Granny said...


I feel your pain :-/ With the price of fuel, and OMG....FOOD, I feel stuck in limbo. I've been working, but it seems there is never enough money to set any aside. We bought a jar of mayo at the grocery tonight that was OVER FIVE DOLLARS! Last summer I got my horse trailer and went a few places, and attended my first two rides. This summer the trailer has sat in the driveway because of the price of fuel, and the price of everything else. I figure I'll just have to keep working with Phebes and hope times get better. Sending a long distance hug your way, and hope you are feeling better soon. If all else fails, a trip to the barn and some time with the horses always helps.

"Endurance Granny"

roz said...

seems we had all better really educate ourselves about who we vote for -- in Congress, Senate, presidential race. who is really doing something or trying to do something to lower gas prices and make us less dependent on foreign oil, and who wants us to inflate our tires?something to think about.