Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I love Sundays at home. We are watching TV off the DVR and just chilling out. Maggie, Jena and I had lessons with Jennifer yesterday. Jena rode Merlin and it went very well. Cat has decided not to buy a new horse since Jena can ride Merlin. Cat can ride Deli when/if she decides to ride. I got some video of the lessons. I'm going to piece it together and then post it here.

I had what they call a passenger was really interesting. I was supposed to just hang on and let Liberty do what he wanted. It was really strange to just ride and hang on that way.

Maggie rode a 17+ hh horse. I was really proud of her.

I'm buying the rest of my round pen tomorrow and I am pretty excited. We should have 60 feet across so we can actually ride in it. The beginning of Sept. we will begin to wean Toots and it will give us a bigger area to put her in. I will have to reroute the electric fence around it though since Merlin still likes to lean on the panels.

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