Thursday, March 19, 2009

Exercise day 3

Today I got up again and did my 30 minute workout with Maya. I am even considering bumping up to 45 minutes a few days per week so I can get a full cardio workout three days along with the specific body area work. Not really ready to do that yet, but in another week or two I think I will.

I have replaced drinking coffee and looking at the computer first thing with a cup of hot tea and a work. Not a bad trade off!

I couldn't ride Liberty yesterday b/c when I rode him Tuesday I got a lead rope stuck under the saddle and I made a bruised spot in his back. He didn't complain the whole time I rode him so I didn't know anything was wrong. Poor guy! I did get his feet trimmed though and played with him for awhile, so that was nice.

Maggie had a good round pen session with Dixie. She had her really paying attention and doing what she wanted. I was really proud of her.

We were going to ride today, but Maggie has a cold, so we're chilling at home.

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Peter Yovich said...

Wish I did not have to go to work so early. I might be able to get a mornign workout in myself.