Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting in the Routine of Daily exercise

I made a commitment the first of the year to get busy exercising. I started exercising almost every day and have stuck with it, increasing my frequency and intensity. I was really frustrated at first because I steadily gained from the time I started working out until just this week. When I took my fitness evaluation today I had lost inches where I needed to and gained some in my biceps, so that was positive. I also increased my push ups and my sit ups. I still can't do jumping jacks for very long though. I'm continuing 5 days per week at 15 minutes, though I may begin to bump it up to 30 on days when I have time or add in some wii fit or the stationary bike...I can watch TV in the am if I ride the bike, but not otherwise. I'm really proud of myself. I still weigh too much, but it's a start.

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Christine said...

I hear ya!! I'm only 5' & any weight I gain is overwhelming!! I know I need to get down-maybe 45lbs- it would just make riding & eveything else easier!!

I've been working out too- I probably should have started 3 months ago- but everyday we make an effort- gets us that much closer to our goal!

Keep it up!