Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Compassn bank is on my bad side

Today in the mail I received notice that my two business accounts were no longer going to be free. There are a couple things I can do to potentially keep one free but the other is my ride account which will lay format until next ride in 2012. They have previously told u's we can pay them $8.95 for our previously free personal checking. They are charging u's this service charge because we don't have enough money. If we had over $25,000 with them and $3000 per account we would owe them no service charge. So, once again the little guys gets beat down so corporate America can line it's pockets. I get to pay a service charge because I am too poor with too little cash flow.

I realize my railing will get me nowhere. I need a new bank. Any suggestions? Or are all the banks going to charge u's for the privilege of having a bank account? It makes me want to keep my money under a mattress.

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john yovich said...

It was great seeing you guys, even though it wasn't long enough. We will be looking forward to seeing you in May.
Please stay in touch.

Hope your "horsey" weekend went well