Thursday, May 5, 2011

Long day

I had a great plan for my day. I had one client to see and then the farrier was coming and maggie and I were going to go riding. But then I had to take the suburban to the shop and the afternoon floated by in a stream of lunch and goodwill shopping and them more waiting for the truck. In retrospect we should have worked in a pedicure in the hour we spent waiting in Milt's for the truck.

The news is mixed. The Immediate problem is fixed but we have a couple thousand dollars in repairs for oil leaks to fix over the next six months. Nothing is immediate but it all has to be done. The parts aren't expensive but labor is high. The truck is leaking from the front and rear main seals, the oil pan, the valve cover gaskets, the rear pinion and then a separate repair to the transfer case. Fortunately it's an older truck and my mechanic says he can rebuild it himself rather than sending it to a transmission shop.

I asked the question of whether or not i should just buy a new truck but the realization that I would have to spend a lot money to get a truck nice enough to avoid the repairs I'm going through makes me realize that paid for is better. And I don't have to fix it this minute so I have time to prepare for the inevitable.

The day has been topped off with a repair to a flat trailer tire. End result no work out and no riding. Unless trimming fiera's back feet counts as my work out.

Alice Yovich
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