Saturday, May 7, 2011

Real Life NATRC skills

Maggie and I rode to the park from our pasture where the horses live today.  It's a little under a mile to get there, but I have a serious phobia about riding on the street so we have never done it.  Today I walked Liberty in hand down the street, which gave us both a nice walk. I found that I walked faster on the ground than we do sometimes with me on him. In the park we made several winding trips on many different trails, but I'm sure we didn't ride many miles. It was challenging terrain however. Several steep, washed out downhills and some places we had to back out of because there was nowhere to go and nowhere to turn around. I even had to dismount and move some debris so we could get through in a few spots. It was actually quite challenging.  On the way home, we found another way out and I managed to keep my nerves of asphalt and city streets under control. I was able to ride all the way home. I discovered that Liberty will sidepass off the rode nicely and he doesn't spook at cars...just people in the bushes and weedeaters, lol.

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