Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve pleasantries

I'm finally home. Today I got called into work for a few hours and I was bummed at first that I had to work because I was really looking forward to having a peaceful day at home.  But I was happy in the end that I had gone to be with the family.

Now we're watching the SyFy Christmas specials and drinking hot cider with spiced rum (yummy).  Peter made dinner for us tonight. It was a Shepherd's pie. Tasty!!!  Already watched haven and now working on  Eureka. I'm considering crochet...or Sim's. Not sure yet. The Eureka special is really, really funny, so hard to think about doing anything extra besides watching the shows. I think we'll watch White Christmas after this is over because Maggie will be with her dad tomorrow night, and it's a movie we watch every year. 

I have cinnamon roll dough started in the bread maker. Maggie loves my cinnamon rolls and I loved that my mom always made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning when I was a kid, so it's a nice tradition. Peter is cooking dinner tomorrow too. He's making prime rib and potatoes and asparagus. I'm making an appetizer of jalapenos wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cream cheese. He also made a pie called Joe's Ky's chocolate, pecans, sugar....kind of like a cookie in a pie shell. Looks good anyway. 

Shawn will pick Maggie up tomorrow night. We might go  see The War Horse, but Peter and I may stay home and let Maggie and Shawn go alone. I'm a little sad. I'm going riding Monday (my only day off) and I really wanted Maggie to go with me, but Shawn had taken the day off just to spend it with her. I'm sure I can find an adult to go riding with, but maggie and I have ridden together in a long time. We've been so busy! She has been getting to ride some, and I have been riding other times. We don't ride the same division now, so I can't ride with her at the rides. I miss my little buddy.  Next weekend I hope the weather is nice and we can go then!

Our Christmas tree has lots of presents under it. I don't know what to expect, but it will be fun. I'm sure we'll head to church at 11 as well. Maggie has been attending a church on Wednesday nights called Grace Baptist. I really like it. It's made me excited about church again.  Peter...well, not so much. It's Baptist and not really his thing, but he's going with us some too. maggie had made a nice group of friends there and it makes me happy to see her part of a group of nice kids.

Off to play with my sims...or crochet...or something.

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