Saturday, February 11, 2012

Long, long week

I can't believe how busy I have been in the past week. It seems that when I have "free time" it gets filled with projects and catching up from when I am overloaded. I would love to find a balance between work and play but as a contractor I suspect that as a contractor feast or famine is normal.

Last week I decided to stay home from the Texas trail challenge at Parrie Haynes to work on prizes for Scamper. As a result I got all the horse prizes finished, plus my gifts are all done but one and I will do that today. I inventoried my other prizes and am currently reviewing the management manual to make sure nothing is forgotten. Katie Weir is doing the food, Sue Singletary has the taco soup and is bringing the rules interpreter. Christa has the entries handled and Teresa has the trails covered. I feel like I am ahead of the game and am cautiously optimistic there wont be any last minute surprises. I'm a little scared that I'm not scared.

Monday-Wednesday were full of normal work activities. Thursday was a rare day 'off' and I got to ride with my friend Alanna. Usually when I ride during the week it's a rushed thing. I have to get Maggie from her classes or have to see a client or something. But Thursday maggie was sick and Peter had taken a personal day. I got to ride for four, interrupted hours. Alanna hadlanned on a fast ride and Olympus was up for the task. He's learning to long trot and he canters at a nice, steady pace even as the other horse is pulling away. One time, I let him out just a bit and he turned on blinding speed which scared the poo out of me. I hollered at Alanna to slow down, which we did immediately, but when I pulled him up he settled right back into his amazing lope! It was just wonderful.

I have been seriously thinking I need to downsize the herd by one by fall do I have set out the task of figuring out which one. I have been half jokingly created a series of scores for the horses whereby they get pluses or minuses for their behavior. For instance Olympus got a minus for running away when I went to catch him but a huge plus for his obedience. Liberty gets huge pluses for being athletic but minuses in the affection department. Fiera gets pluses for being affectionate but minuses for being bossy and pushy. So what his has boiled down to is a choice between Fiera and Oly for who stays and who goes. I think it's Fiera. She is going to make someone an amazing horse and I am committed to finding her a good home but I think that she is not the right horse for me long term. It's hard to say it out loud because I bred this baby to be my next/last horse. She is beautiful and is a great mover and boy is she tough. Her parents are amazing and she will be great but I have to admit that she is the one of the three least for me. The so called weakest link in our herd. So I'm offering my part Shagya filly for sale. She's small. Only about 14.1 at not quite four so she may get another inch or two. She's stout though and doesn't feel small. She's out of very pleasant and sweet parents and she's a registered 1/2 Arab but could also get part Shagya papers. If she's bred to a Shagya stallion, eventually, that foal would be papered as a full Shagya. . I'm asking $2000 for her but the home she goes to is far more important than the pay check. I have over 5 years of planning and love in this filly do she must be loved.

I am about to re-enter the hospice world for a few weeks as well. My friend is going on a trip and I am filling in for her while she's gone. And I have scamper at the beginning of march. I talked to another agency I have worked for before and picked up a few more contracts as well. So this is all good.

Now for the weirdness. I interviewed for a position at a psych hospital doing music and activities. I was supposed to start in Thursday this week. I went in for orientation last week. I did two days of orientation while no one even knew I supposed to be there. I had turned in my employment paper work early but no one could find it. I failed my drug test because they said my rx for adderoll was expired, but I already had taken care of that with my doctor and just needed to know where to send my paperwork. I called hr and I called my 'boss' and no one ever called me back. I emailed my boss finally and said it was clear I wasn't starting on Thursday. I still haven't heard from them. And I'm kind of ticked because I spent too gorgeous days stuck inside orienting and I'm not sure I'll ever get that money back or be paid. Clearly I won't even start till after scamper at this point if I do then. The whole thing was bee, very odd.

Well off to do my taxes. Then to Pilates and then some sewing.

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