Thursday, September 13, 2012

A brief catchup

I'm recording this new Dragon dictation so I apologize in advance for
any mistakesthat are made . In fact, I may find that this is a
fruitless endeavor. As I have al ready found one
mistake. It said littermate instead of that are made.

Mostly, I just wanted to make a catch-up post. I went to the benefit
ride with Maggie last weekend, and we had a nice time. Well, that's
not entirely true. Dixie became overheated, an almost didn't finish.
Dixy also tripped and fell throwing Maggie really far away from her.
It was amazing to me that no one was hurt or human . I had the most
brilliant ride on liberty but I have ever had. Only that but judge
didn't think so. He said that liberty was sore in his Withers and was
grade one lame at one of the on the trail checkpoints. I could not
have been more happy with my horse. He was amazing!

One week from today, I won't be at trace trails preparing for my ride.
I'm nervous at this moment, but I know that everything will come
together. I have room for more entries, and I hope that people will
enter soon!

In the meantime, I have started working as a music therapist Indique
Southlake Carroll school district. It is a new and exciting challenge
for me, as I have not gotten to do much work in the public schools in
the past. I love my coworker Melynda Williams, and I hope that we can
work well together. She has already given me so many great ideas to
get me started! I am lucky to be able to still see most of my other
clients. It is my plan to work my tail off for the next year, so that
we can finally get all of our bills paid off! Dave Ramsey would be
proud of my gazelle intensity.

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