Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly update

This blog is being recorded with Dragon dictation please excuse any
typos. After being diligent about my steps and exercise for many
weeks, this week I have been terrible! Well rather that is last week.
I am determined that this week will be good again. I started today
meaning to exercise, and like so many other days recently got bogged
down with pre ride planning. So even though I was dressed in my
workout clothes, the workout never happened. Today when I went to
feed, instead of sitting and playing on my phone or just sitting on
the water trough level are filled up, I walked around the field for 28
minutes. It's not a huge improvement, but it's better than no work out
at all. It is my plan to go home after my last massage and do a 20
minute H IIT workout. Or, I might do a Schayleen extreme burn circuit.
Most likely, it will be the Hiit . I do know that I can't allow the
ride planning to keep me from my exercise and eating well. If nothing
else, I need to start turning in 10,000 steps a day like I was for all
of July and August. I experience excitement when we could go Monday
when I weighed in at 2:16 .8. However today I weighed 220. Most
likely, some of that weight is waterweight. I also have not been
drinking like I did in July and August. Whatever the case it has to
stop now!

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