Sunday, June 26, 2016

Life is good

I have had the great pleasure of spending the weekend at Michael's this weekend. Unfortunately he had to spend time baking hay so I also had the opportunity to watch tv and crochet which was truly relaxing and awesome. More unfortunately I made a mistake in the thing I was making and spent this morning frogging it.

Friday evening I went to Bible study at the pastor's house with Michael and several other couples. I saw some of them at church this morning and I'm on my way to making friends here. This is a great feeling.

I also realized it's just not that far here from my house and there is no reason I can't come here for part of the weekend and then be at home too. Today after church we will change my oil and head back to my house. I'm hoping we can go through some things in the red barn. We have plans to start paring down my stuff more. Michael is a huge help.

I spent part of yesterday making friends with his horses. I feel like they will be easy to start. I hope to bring my round pen down in the next month or so. I especially like his stallion and I am sure I'll like him even better after he if he a gelding.


Val said...

I'm not sure if "baking" hay was a misquote or deliberate - but either way I like it!
I LIKE THAT MULE COLT - let me know what plans M has for him!!!

Alice Yovich said...

Those are of course typos my fat fingers.