Sunday, July 31, 2016

New orleans

Neither Mike nor myself had ever been to New Orleans. I'm not sure that our night layover actually counts but now we have been to New Orleans. It was nothing like I expected. It smelled bad and there were drunk people everywhere. Ok, this I expected. We are a snack at midnight and went to a piano bar to meet a friend, but then We couldn't get in bc the line was too long and these two old people didn't want to wait in line.

This morning we had beignets in hotel lobby and I saw my first bloody Mary bar. He had 4 different kinds of vodka ranging from jalapeno to bacon. I settled on a fancy olive infused vodka and Cajun mix with crystals hot sauce. I added pickled bacon, olives and bacon. And horse radish. It is really good but I'm glad Mike can help me drink it or I'd have a hard time walking.

We are waiting for Rachel (sister of a client who now lives here) to come get us for breakfast. We are going to a place called katie's for breakfast.

The original plan was to go to Orlando today and and the. See universal  and Harry potter world tomorrow. However I looked up tickets and was  immediately  shocked by the cost so I'm trying  to talk myself back into it. We might go to just the universal side with half of Harry potter world. But then I think oh what the neck...anyway we will see what time we get out of here and make decisions appropriately

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