Monday, July 14, 2008

Banks can be Crooked! Compass Especially

I'm so annoyed. I put the car money from our car sales in the bank on SAt. It was $2100 in cash. It went in the bank. I had to buy a new car battery on Sunday, Peter bought a new ink cartridge for the printer tonight. The bank says we are OD by $27 b/c they won't count the CASH I put in the bank till tonight at midnight (which isn't all that far off) I'm going to be really angry if I have to pay OD charges b/c they counted all the debits before they count my credit. I'm really steamed. Obviously, it's cash and the money is in there. It's enough to make me keep all my money in a mattress. Are there any good/honest banks anymore? They tell me they are perfectly within their right not to count a cash deposit of $2100 on Sat. until Tuesday. I totally take responsibility for not realizing I was on the edge of trouble...but since I had deposited all that cash I didn't think about it. Obviously I should have kept out $200 of it to pay for these things that have no overdrawn me.

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