Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally, a Free Moment

Since my last post life has been absolutely crazy. I have had a series of car repairs and work complications and life has been insane.

It started the Wednesday when I had to pick up Maggie from the airport. Originally, Shawn was going to get her, but his car was down and my attempt to loan him my truck failed when it wouldn't start right up for me to loan it out. So, I had to call off work to go get Maggie. I tried to make up those hours and failed to actually manage it. I have now given up...will just have to write it off :-( Good news is that Maggie made it home safe, but it took me a long time to get her off the plane.

On the way home, the car quit cooling us, and I had to roll down the window, which is something most people don't enjoy in TX in the summer. I then found out over the next few days that the compressor is gone. It means that I spent $1100 on my car just 2 weeks ago to fix the brakes and the alternator belt to have to spend another $$600+ to fix the ac. I wouldn't have fixed the first stuff is I had know that I would have to pay more to fix it now! I only gave $2300 for the car and it has 195K miles on it. So, I'm not fixing the a/c until I have the cash to do it--or until winter. For now I'm just going to drive the car with no a/c, or drive the suburban if it's really hot. Peter's mustang is available every other week since he commutes with another fellow. Eventually I will sell the escort and drive the burb every other week. Or find him a used car he likes and I will drive the mustang since I like it so much!

Since it's taken me all evening just to write this part of the update, I think I will sign off now and go to bed. There is more...we have been so busy.

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