Sunday, July 13, 2008

Freeley's Last Ride

I haven't wanted to put off acknowledging that it was true, but I can't help it anymore...Freeley is done competing. He was pulled from the Firecracker STC and he hasn't been "himself" for months. Back in March, while he completed the Girl Scout Scamper, he was grade 2 or 3 lame...though a kind judge made it 2 so that Maggie didn't have to suffer through not placing and getting completion only. He has begun to resist loading. He's not happy. I have tried to talk to the folks who gave him to me about taking him back to IL, but I haven't had a response from them, so I have begun to look for a home for him. I think I have the perfect place for him to go too. Lyn Wood, brother of another friend, is going to take him to their ranch to be his wife and kids' horse. He will walk down trails 1-2 times per month and enjoy retirement. It's a good life for Freeley, but it's terribly hard on us. This week I will give him lots of love. Next week I will be on vacation and the week after, before the first of August, Freeley will go live in Bluff Dale.

He has been such a wonderful horse...there aren't words to express how special he is to us. This photo is after I have ridden off on Liberty and Maggie is stuck in camp with Freeley. He was looking after Liberty. She is pretty upset! Not so much about being pulled. She is upset that she knows her days with Freeley are possibly over. He's been lame on and off for a year.

I would give anything to have my own acreage to just turn him out and let him retire!

Of course, the "fun" part is that Maggie can begin to look for a horse of her own now...but really, she would rather just have Deli back and I'm going to see about making that happen. Deli is being checked out by a holistic vet on Friday. I'm crossing my fingers that we can find something concrete to make her whole again.

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