Saturday, December 27, 2008

Love Cleaning house? Not so much

We are in the midst of our annual rearrange and cleaning today. Every year we try to figure out how to better use our 1400 square feet to best use the house to it's max potential. This year, the room I had set aside as a music room/massage room is getting made over into Peter's man cave. He is going to take his models and his hobby materials in there which will make less clutter in the office that we spend the most time in. It will mean I don't have a room to give massages in, but I think I have done 2 all year at the house, as I really prefer to do housecalls. So, we are shifting, cleaning and moving stuff around. The end result will be good, but right now we've kicked up a lot of dust.

On the positive front, we heard from a restaurant worker at a place closeby (across the street from the new stadium) that the stadium people had been in to buy up their place. They have already bought one restaurant and torn it down, and another has been purchased. The word was they want to take out the whole section. Boy, I hope biggest fear is that the stadium and parking lot will be in our backyard. The first block only has 2 occupied houses. We are just waiting for them to move onto us.

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