Friday, December 26, 2008

Marley and me

Maggie and I went to see Marley and me today and it was great. Of course, it had a sad ending, but it was a cute movie up to that point. I saw in the opening credits that Kathleen Turner was in it and didn't realize what her part was until it was over. I never would have recognized her from the Kathleen Turner of the 80's. Sigh...I guess we all get older.

The movie was especially poignant because Willie, our old dachshund, is coming to his end. He is 14.5 years old and has begun to have trouble climbing up the little bed stairs we bought for him in the summer. He fell off the other night while climbing up. He has trouble remembering where he is supposed to go to the bathroom and he has developed a funny lump, that I am afraid is a tumor on his back. I have an appointment to take him to the vet tomorrow (if they can work me in) but the lump has grown in the last week from being barely noticeable through palpation to being fully visible. I'm just so sad at the thought of losing him, but also know that eventually all pets are left behind and I'm prepared to take care of him properly.

Tonight we have created fitness profiles in our new Wii fit game. It's called Wii Personal coach and it has developed a fitness program for each of us based on our profile. It has me starting with 15 minutes 5 times per week. I will do that, but I am also going to start adding some classes at the Y with Maggie as well as going into work out. Frankly, I just have to increase my exercise time. I'm obviously only capable of controlling my eating just so far, so I have to work out more. I am just so tired of being large. I don't want to go another year this size, even if it means that I give up foods I love and have to exercise (which I don't love so much) I'm going to be doing a 50 on Liberty in a year or two...but not at this weight.

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