Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Horses and Dogs

Fiera wouldn't load to come home from Teresa's a few weeks ago. Someone had suggested feeding her in the trailer, which I decided to do. Moments after putting the food in the trailer, she hopped right in to eat. So, my assessment that she completely lacked fear was correct...she has a stubborn streak. I know that an old John Lyon's saying is that if the horse won't load then it means there is really a leading problem. Leading work will be the order of the day.
I continue to have a problem with her breaking out of the fence to wear she can eat grass. I bought a new, bigger fence charger and I heated up both strands of fence. It's still hitting about 5.5 KV and she just lifts it and runs under it even though it's hot and shocking. I'm not sure how to configure the fence to keep her in, so she's been living in the round pen unless I'm there to watch her. I think that I will add some fence to my parking area so I can keep them from going in between my fence and my neighbor's fence but they can eat the extra grass.

The puppy is doing fantastic. She and Maggie are like two peas in a pod.

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