Friday, April 17, 2009

Exercise: week 5 day 4

I had to repeat a week of exercise b/c last week I forgot to log in my time. I did it every day, save one, but I forgot to write it down. So, in my Never Say Diet plan, I'm only in week 3 in the book, but it's really week five since I started a week before I started logging and I had to repeat a week. I'm not supposed to alter my food intake before the end of the first month, but I'm ready to start now and I believe that I will. I have eaten enough junk food for a lifetime. I'm ready to eat more raw food, less processed grains and a little less meat. I'm not sure how those around me will react, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. I must consume more raw food. My scales had dropped and then sharply rose again as I have had a week of eating out. The sodium in this meals out really gets me and it has got to stop.

Tonight I did 30 minutes on the Wii fit on the free walk while I watched Tv. This has been my preference this week, though I need to get back to doing the Maya workouts because I know I burn more calories. I'm just glad I put the time in even though I didn't really want to.

I have also downloaded some podcasts to get me running. They help you cycle on and off with your walking and running time for endurance.

Tomorrow we were going to go to Faire, but with the rain I don't think we will. Instead I think Maggie and I will go to the Y in the morning and work out and then take care of the horses. We plan to watch movies tomorrow and I'm going to sew/crochet/cross stitch. I'm really looking forward to a down day.

Fiera's face looks terrible with the staples pulled loose. I don't know if she scratched it, or if an infection developed or what exactly, but the wound is just ugly. I started her on antibiotics tonight through a syringe. I knew there was no hope of her eating the powder, so I mixed it up with yogurt and tubed it in her mouth. I will do this for a few days to make sure she gets it all. I may do it the whole 7 days if I have to. I have to smear wound balm on it and in it to pack the wound to keep it moist from the inside. It's really nasty. amazing how a little horse can damage herself with one false move. She's being a decent patient though. I'm happy about that.

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