Monday, August 10, 2009

Great riding

I thought I should post about my fun day riding at Six O today. Maggie is out of town so I decided to ride a bit with my friends, since I'm usually riding with Maggie and my friends. Robin (same robin as Tracey's story) met me at Six O today with one of her older horses, since Shetan was tired from all the riding at PHR. we did about 20 miles, and tried to go faster than my typical 3.5 mph. I think we averaged 6.5 until the end when we walked in and it brought our average down to about 4.5 Liberty was great all day long. he was always willing go forward, trotted, walked and cantered when I asked. Opened a few gates, and just generally was a good boy. We came in and ate lunch and then headed back out for a second, shorter loop. The second loop, he wanted in the water somewhere badly! We drank out of the bass pond, but I didn't let him go in since I didn't know how squishy the bottom was. Liberty scared me at the stock tank by putting a whole hoof into the stock tank by the windwill, which was no good. I pulled him back very quickly. At the last windmill, he put his hoof on top of the concrete. He loves the water, so I had to get off and lead him up to the water or he would have jumped in.

I also got to ride yesterday at the grasslands with Amy Crane. she has done one NATRC ride, at IT, several years ago. She also did the TTC recently at Cbar. She has a really sweet saddlebred/arab cross named Lexie, who she bought from Leslie Sloan. We mostly walked with a little trotting, but we had a great time. Liberty did take me swimming when we got back to camp...he loves his water. I think Wishi should give him her water wings.

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