Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacation part 3

Spendng time with parents is always a fun part of vacation, but since they have both moved away from Liberty, my hometown, I find I don't get back often enough. So I have been trying to get back to Liberty more often. I wish my friend Susan would come visit me in Texas, but she says that she doesn't like Texas and won't come, so I try to get back to Liberty. Susan has good reason not to travel as her mom is ill and she needs to stay close to home.

Saturday Maggie was to ride in a MOTDRA CTR with our friend Eric Nelson. He has Shagya's and we've known each other through the horses for several years. He rides a beautiful stallion known as Max. He has one of the other horses that Myrna bred as well. Her name is Prima, and she is Deli's half sister. Maggie was to ride Wineglass Rouge and I was going along to deliver Maggie and volunteer.

Motrdra rules are a bit different than Natrc. The pace is faster, the mileage is longer and there is no horsemanship judging. It's very laid back in many ways, but the competition is stiff. In this sport the P&R points are key. The cut off is 44 instead of the 48 that we try to reach in NATRC. As a result there aren't many perfect scores.

Maggie had never ridden that far or fast before and she was one tired puppy. She had a great time riding with Eric and Rouge got second place in junior division. The only points she lost were for a high P&R of 49. She actually has better P&R's on 50's according to Eric.

Her trot was so big that Maggie was a wreck for a couple of days.

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