Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation part two

As usual, I start getting busy and don't find time to write. I started to write about my vacation and then my dad and his wife came back from condo shopping and we went out to dinner. My dad is such a serious computer addict (if you read this dad, I's just so true) He plays solitaire, checks his stock portfolio. He and his wife have a tiny little office where they sit side by side. Dad on his desktop and Shirley on her lap top. It's very cute. They like each other very much. My dad is very happy.

On Sunday night after riding we went to my dad's house. Being at Dad's is very relaxed. They let us come and go as we please. We do stuff together, but we do stuff with them too. The big excitement for Maggie in Columbia, besides her grandparents, was seeing her old pony Joe Bear. The weather was very rainy while we were in town, so riding was kind of hit and miss, but Maggie had such much getting to play with and ride her pony. He, on the other hand, was really not pleased to have her on him so much. By the third day of riding, he was running away from us when we showed up to ride. But, true to Joe Bear nature, he would come when feed buckets were shaken. Poor little guy just can't help himself.

We stayed at my dad's until Thursday morning, when we had planned to go to Worlds of Fun to swim and ride. There had been a chance of rain all week, so we didn't really want to get wet and cold and decided to wait till Friday to go. We drove to Liberty, got massages and went to see a movie. We just needed to kill time till Susan got off work. Then we went to Red Lobster (always our favorite place) to eat dinner with Susan and her friend Mary.

The weather was so pleasant that we were able to sleep with the windows down at Susan's house all the nights we were there. It was so cool that we decided not to go to Worlds of Fun or Schlitterbahn the next day b/c we knew we'd freeze. We couldn't believe we were worried about being cold in August. Since we were going to the CTR with Eric on Saturday, I knew I needed to buy a jacket or I'd be freezing! It was supposed to be a low of 53 on Friday night. Susan had to work on Friday since the post office had gone back to mandatory 6 days, so I went to Robin's, where Maggie rode one of her horses and we walked. Then we loaded up with her girlfriend, Kelli, and Kelli's daughter and went to a wine shop in Excelsior, owned by yet another HS friend, Daphne. We were treated to a wine tasting and great lunch food and just passed the afternoon. It was four before we all realized how late it had gotten and headed back to Robin's house, just in time for Maggie and I to head to the CTR to meet Eric.

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