Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just waiting

My friend Dee is on her to meet me. We had planed a ride and then water aerobics at the ymca but it looks like it's going to storm. Since I gave Deli to the Flying G Ranch I don't have an extra friend horse anymore and it bums me out but at the same time it is such a relief to know she has a good home. Maggie is gone to my mom's so I planned to let Dee ride Dixie. The poor chubby mare doesn't need to be out of work for two weeks while Maggie and I are gone, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to let her ride. I suppose I could offer Liberty upfor others to ride at some point, but I am not ready to share him yet. While waiting I trimmed his feet. I had forgotten how hard trimming is. The last time they needed a trim I had Tony do it. I am considering calling him for Fiera and Dixie. Liberty is grazing in his halter and lead rope. I am afraid to turn him loose for fear I won't be able to catch him if the storm blows over.

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