Monday, February 14, 2011

Chris and Maggie

In my first full year of CTR, I met Gail Kimery of Bixby, OK and her daughter Chris (on right in the left and middle picture, on left in far right picture) We were at the Indian Territory ride in 2003 near Tulsa. Maggie and Chris (both age 6 in this photo I believe) got out of the respective trucks and saw that they each had the same red boots. They immediately took to one another and began running all around camp together, playing and laughing. Through the years they have seen each other on and off. They went to camp together in 2009, the year that Maggie got Dixie. Chris and her mom do more endurance riding and Maggie and I ride NATRC, but they still have a ton in common. At the NATRC national convention in Nashville this past weekend, I happened to run into them both and was once again how similar the girls are to one another. Unfortunately, maggie wasn't with me, but it was really fun to catch up with Christina, who is 13, just like Maggie and still riding.

Below are pictures of the girls as they looked this past weekend (maggie is still a blond, she just temporarily changed up her hair.

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