Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Maggie making snow Angels

After waking up to a truck covered up with snow, I decided I wasn't going to make it to Houston.

Snowball Fight

Olympus and Dixie are friends.
Peter has taken a ton of photos and i have taken a few, but here are the ones in my camera from our snow day.

I was supposed to go to Houston this weekend. We had originally planned to go to Houston tomorrow, after the thaw, but I woke up this morning and discovered that we had close to six inches of snow and I decided i was better off just to stay home and let my friends do the trail scouting for me. It's not really what i want to do, but I do know that my time will be better spent double checking the timing by hand with a watch and letting them do the ground work. I'm sad because I really wanted to go ride and I know that it's going to be beautiful in Houston on Sunday, but it seems like a really long drive to get to ride one day. I'm better off saving the gas money and finishing up the prizes and raffle gift and just not going anywhere.  I'm just someone who likes to ride and we were really looking forward to getting Olympus on the trail. (love that horse--I'm hoping to be able to adopt him or have our friends who ride with us adopt him, I can't imagine him not living at our house)  Anyway, I digress.  I called clients this morning and told them I'd see them on Monday since I won't be out of town. Theoretically, I could still go down tomorrow, ride Sunday and head home early Monday and see clients that night...I think I just decided that I didn't really want to go anywhere, I'm not sure my field won't be a muddy mess when I try to pull out...I guess I'll see if I get a yen to go tomorrow. I suppose we can just load up and go.

This morning we vegetated for awhile and then we played Wii for about an hour and then went to the field to feed.We had a such a great time having a snowball fight and running around in the snow. I gave everyone a big bucket of beet pulp with their grain and then we went to lunch with our friend Laura and her daughter.  (I broke the Dave Ramsey, "don't go inside a restaurant" rule today.) then Laura wanted to go to a movie so we did that too. We went to see True Grit, which I had yet to see. We all enjoyed it, even though Allyson at first didn't want to see it.  It was a good movie. Now we're home and I'm second guessing my decision to not go to Houston.

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