Saturday, February 19, 2011

I made a huge mistake

My ride is in two weeks and I still have a few more things that need to be done. i have a blanket to make for my raffle, I need to clip some threads here and there and just get generally organized. This weekend is/was a two day ride at Parrie Haynes, a TTC. I "wisely" decided that I should stay home and work a little (see clients) and get everything squared away since I have a really busy work week ahead and will be gone from here Tuesday or Wednesday the next week.  So, I planned a full weekend of cleaning and organizing and doing things that will make my life better here at home. I even resisted Peter trying to talk me into going so he could go take photos on Saturday. I could have changed my plans and seen my clients on Friday morning but no, I was going to be responsible. As a result, all of my friends (and I do mean all the people I most like to spend time with that aren't in the DFW area) are at the TTC and I'm not. I'm getting things done. i saw clients this morning, I'm doing embroidery and working on a gift for my secretary...I'm being responsible, but I'm about in tears over it. I almost packed at about 2pm and went. Maggie has gone to a friends for the weekend (they went to Dinosaur Valley) and I tried to get Peter to load up and go...of course, he did to me, what I always do to him when I he has crazy impulses: He talked me down. He's gone to home depot now to get a new vent for the dryer and I'm about to start embroidering again.  It's really too late now anyway. It would be so late by the time i got there and I would miss all the visiting time.  I did tell my family to never again let me skip something I would enjoy this much.  I just keep telling myself I have more gas money for our trip to Arkansas Traveler in April.

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MaryAshley said...

I understand the feeling; perhaps not in this instance, but I hate when logic tries to overrule where your heart wants you to be! Hope everything for the Scamper is shaping up nicely. I am still so sad not to be attending, but judging from your hard work, it will be incredible.