Monday, August 15, 2011

Fit 2 Fat Radio

I ran across a new podcast/blog that I'm finding very interesting. I even purchased the first season of their podcast and their ebook because I found what they had to say so intriguing. They are 2 guys talking about fitness and weight loss, but their take is very different. They say that as dieters we should eat more food not less. That if we are truly hungry we should eat more food and not be starving ourselves. Their idea of BMR (basal metablolic rate) and food consumption is unique. I would like to think their method can work for me, but I'm still skeptical. They say that to lose weight you need to eat like you already weigh what you want to weigh. When I plugged in all my numbers into their calculator, I got a range of calorie consumption from 1771-over 2500 depending on my level of activity. It made me realize that my fitness pal (the calculator I have been using) doesn't actually add up how much I'm burning through activity into the mix of calories I should be consuming. When I plug in their recommendation for calorie consumption, it says I will lost 0, and that isn't taking into account the exercise I am doing.  These guys say that if we eat more calories our metabolisms will repair themselves and we'll lose weight.  Stayed tuned to see if this is true.

I got back on the exercise bandwagon today after being a slacker last week. I did 37 minutes of walking at 3.5 mph and burned about 247 calories. of course, this means I have another 200 calories to burn later in the day, but I know that i will do it. I came home from my weekend 4 pounds heavier than i left. I did log it in but don't really feel like it's a true reflection of my weight loss overall. I always gain water weight when I'm traveling. I drank quite a bit of the wrong things this weekend and I feel pretty puffy. Thursday will hopefully be lower than last week's number of 215. 

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