Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exercise slacker

I have been a terrible slacker this week. Monday I only walked for about 30 minutes (well, walked/jogged combo with bonnie) I was going to go to the gym that evening but some things prevented me making it.

Tuesday was a bad, bad day. I walked for 50 minutes in the morning, but I didn't burn the close to 500 calories that i need to burn each day.  The horses got into the grain, so the vet had to come tube them and I was outside in the heat for 3 hours and didn't drink properly. Then I had plans in the evening, so I decided to skip Hip hop, but then the plans fell through and by the time I realized they weren't going to pan out, I had showered and changed and didn't want to sweat anymore.

I didn't feel bad at all on Tuesday but yesterday I think the dehydration caught up with me...or I ate something bad, or I just picked up a bug b/c I felt sick all Wednesday afternoon. I had to come home and lay on the couch instead of going to boot camp or seeing the clients I should have been, bad news all the way around. 

This morning is already jammed full of activities and i woke up at 6. I'm going to go lift weights and play on the wii. But I know from Sunday that the wii fit only burns about 125 calories in 30 minutes, which isn't all that significant. I'll play with the frustrating Jillian program instead. It is a much harder workout even if I can't always get it right.

This morning, Bonnie goes to the groomers and then I have to work all afternoon. I have a hospice client i'm supposed to see but I'm not 100% still and I'm going to reschedule him for next week. I don't need to take potential stomach trouble to him.  My tummy is still rumbly.

I read that about 2 months into working out there is a drop in motivation. I think I have hit that low spot. I have also read that once you get through it you are on a lifelong path to continued exercise. I have also read that it's OK to take a planned break. So, this week will be my planned break and I can hop in with both feet again next week.

Tomorrow Maggie and I leave for Parrie Haynes for one last party at the birth of Texas Trail Challenge.  The park is closing due to budget cut backs. Our friends were laid off in July and continue to make plans for their future. It's one last time for us all to be together.  Then I found out that my dad will be in town on Sunday. He just told me yesterday. So I have to make sure I leave Parrie haynes by noon so we can get the horses home and get cleaned up to spend the evening with them. I'm happy to see him...just wish I had known sooner. it will be a fun, hot weekend. So glad there is a swimming pool and we can sleep in an air conditioned bunk house.

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