Monday, August 8, 2011

Early mornings

I am discovering I'd rather get up early and work out than lay in bed for an extra 30 minutes. When did THAT happen!? Wednesday I'm going to attempt 545 spinning glass. I only have to get up 30 minutes early to do it. I figure it's a worth a try. I like Friday afternoon spin. This is just earlier.

This morning I only got in 30 minutes of running and walking due to having to get a flat tire fixed. Bad news is that the tire had to be replaced so I'm still sitting in the tire store. Soon I will take maggie to ride then off to see clients.

Please keep my friend Michele Adams in prayers. She is a 40 year old mom of two and has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I've known michele since 1994 and she is mom to my first foal, Sparkey. She was supposed to be leaving for Italy to be a missionary and instead she's undergoing chemotherapy and fighting to live.

Alice Yovich
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