Sunday, August 28, 2011

Catching up

I haven't been blogging much lately. I have stuff I'd like to write about but it's time consuming and stressful and not quite ready for primetime so it will have to wait.

We've had a busy weekend maggie and I. ON Friday I had a client to see near Decatur so I brought the horses to a friend's cabin for the night so we could start the day early Saturday. We then drove to Plano to visit with Peter and his parents as well as to see peter's brother's family. Then we went back to the cabin in Decatur. This morning we got up early to ride about 10 miles of trails marking it for the upcoming natrc benefit ride in two weeks. We came back to the cabin and ate and napped and then went to dinner and to see fright night. It was fun! Now getting ready to turn in so we can ride tomorrow morning before returning home.

Peter was busy too. He had photo class and games today. We had asked him to join us up here but be felt it was too long of a drive for the evening and morning. I was disappointed as I would have enjoyed his company. The cabin is so quiet and peaceful. Being in the country has been wonderful.

I'm still working out though I admit the last three weeks I haven't worked as hard. The next two weeks I'm going to pick up my training going into the fall ride season so I am more fit for the distance. I should be already but want to step up my game.

We are trying to find a home for our old pony Joe bear. He has been with us almost 11 years. He is in his mid 30's but totally sound and rideable. He may be broke to drive but we have never driven him. Just a rumor from his past. He doesn't eat hay anymore but his ideal home would be able to feed him a mix of feeds a couple times per day where he can be alone to eat. He is good in a herd but needs to be protected at meal times. He would be perfect for someone's grandchildren. I am not really looking to sell him or lose control of him. I just need another place for him to live. He's 12.3 hh and my daughter rode him as did her friends until a couple Years ago. He needs a smaller rider. He's a sweet Puppy dog of a pony and it would be great if someone could ride him more regularly as it will keep him young. It would help my bottom line to have one less pony to feed as well so it could be a win win for one of my friends who needs a pony Contact me privately for more details.

Alice Yovich
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