Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weight set back

In the last three weeks I have had a huge weight set back. In other words I have gained 8 pounds over the last month. I have been following my food logging, eating less fast food and working out. I haven't been working out as hard, but I have not stopped being active at any point. I'm very frustrated. I thought it was going to turn out to be water weight and I was sure that today I would wake up and it would be gone and instead I am up another pound.  officially, Thursday is my weigh in, but if 3 pounds don't miraculously come off before then I will have gained a 3rd week in a row. Obviously time to re-evaluate my calorie levels.


Val said...

Well try not to beat up on yourself too much (Pot: meet kettle).
Aug was a bad month for me too; but despite the fact that I stashed the scales in the CLOSET, I keep on taking 'em out periodically to confirm what I already know: I've regained most of what I've lost too!
(I was hoping it was mostly "water weight" due to excessive sodium intake/slacking off on vacation)

Alice said...

Not so much beating myself up as perplexed and annoyed. I work out eat right. I'm eating about 1700 calories and burning 300-500 most days. I try to have a deficit of 500 per day and that should be a pound a week but it's not.