Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Contemplating the future

I'm recording this with Dragon dictation. Any typos are thefault of
the program, not mine. I will attempt to proofread for terrible errors
before sending. Sometimes errors are humorous, so please laugh and
understand why they happen.

It may seem a bit premature to think about next ride here when it's
still the end of this right here. However, I find myself driving
around doing just that. Liberty has worked very hard this year . He is
run in open almost every ride since March. He is performing better
for me and he has ever performed before. I hate to think about needing
to give him a break, but I also want to think about him being around
for many years to come. I also have been thinking about how I had more
fun riding when I have no goal. After liberty got his second place,
and then his first place, mygoal became getting a national
championship. Now I have two rides left and I have not achieve this
goal. In some ways that makes you hear a disappointment, when I should
be feeling the success. I want to return to the positive emotions IL
early in the season, when Maggie and I rode together for the sheer
love for writing. Not when I was picky because I have a goal .

So, next year I'm going to cut back on the number of Maitrott right
but I do. I'm going to try Olympus back out so that he has a shot at
working in NATRC.

I am still hoping for the Miracle that will get me a first or second
place in Oklahoma. I'm not trying to be negative at all. I am merely
trying to refocused what is truly important to me. I hated how I felt
at Robbers route, when I thought liberty and I had done so well only
to find out that our scores were low and we have not placed well. Each
ride my horse gives me, and I enjoy him. I want to continue to focus
on that being what's most important!

To avoid that feeling of acute disappointment again in Oklahoma, I'm
going to leave as soon as I check out. It's a laundromat back home and
I have to return Linda to her family. I also have to take Maggie to
Isel. And I have to take the horses home. I do not want to get home in
the night again. It made for a very long week. That way, if by some
miracle to get first or second, someone can text or call me and I can
be happy. But if I don't get the first or second which is most likely,
I haven't sat around waiting for it only to have my dashed.

Will I make it through an entire season of riding Alie? I don't have a
clue. But I'm going to try. He isn't good at obstacles,and he is fussy
about his head. However he deserves a shot just like any other horse
and my pasture.

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