Monday, October 8, 2012

The Rest of Robber's Route

I had a post I wrote up via email on Friday night when I got to camp, but it disappeared somewhere into never never land.

We took Linda with us this past weekend and had a great time.  She and Rascal had a great time together and she's easy to travel with...and she makes Maggie happy.

Sunday went well for us too. We had a fun ride.  It's a shame that we didn't place well when it was all over. It was so hard to feel like we were doing great and then place last in horsemanship and next to last in horse. It's OK, it's over, but I am going to have to stop 'hoping' to get my first or second in horse for the national championship.  It's so heartbreaking to have that as a goal and not succeed, especially when it's not really something I have control over. I can't control if I win or lose, I can only control how I feel about the good times we're having.  The results are out of my control.

So, we have two more rides this year and I want to go have fun with my awesome horse.  Next year, I do not want to go so often. I'm so tired! It's been hard work going so often.


Tracey said...

Think positive! Season is not over yet!

Alice said...

It's not that I'm not thinking positively. It's just that wanting it so bad leads to disappointment when I don't get it over and over again. If I can just concentrate on how the ride feels and how much fun I have with my awesome horse, then I'm a winner even if I don't get that award.